12 March 2010

Tech Love

I have to tell ya....I'm a tech lover.
Okay...so do you remember this post...were I told you that my husband calls me dude....here's one of the reasons why.

I love to buy techie stuff...and by techie stuff...I mean things like T.V.'s....surround sound....Blue Rays...you get the picture...I love watching movies....and the boy kind {action, sports, westerns}...not so much the girl kind.

About 3 months ago...I made him go with me to buy a 47" t.v. {that I love}...he didn't understand why I needed another t.v....we had a 50" already....but it was a projection t.v {don't love it}....and I wanted a flat screen....

So then....a month went by...and I said....I need a Blue Ray player now....to go with my new HD t.v....so off we went to buy a Blue Ray {love it}.

Then....I told him....well....since we have an HD t.v.....it doesn't seem right to not have HD service {we have Directv}....so next Saturday....we'll be having new HD receivers installed....{love it}.

And that brings me to the picture above....it's an Epson Home Theatre Projector...{L.O.V.E. it}....

I had been wanting to one for years now....and I just got it last week from here.

Now...I can hear some of you girls saying....why do you need that...you already have a big screen tv....a blue ray....HD....really....why do you need it....

I need it to have outdoor family movie nights...doesnt that sound fun!

I miss that there's no drive-ins anymore...so with this...we can turn Stella around...plop some pillows and blankets in the back....and pretend we're at the drive-ins....I think my boys are gonna love it...cuz you know momma is.

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend!

xoxo, Dude ;o)

P.S. Oh....and on Wednesday....I brought home another t.v.....well...we needed one in the living room too ;o)


  1. Oh my gosh! I hate anything with a plug and that makes noise!!! But I would love to come over for drive in night! :)


  2. you are hilarious! I love it, your header is all girlie and you signed your post dude!! Perfect!! :) We have a too many tv's too, but that is my pool man, and that projector for outdoor movies sounds like a lot of fun! Happy weekend~

  3. j.e.a.l.o.u.s.

    LOVE having movie nights!! We need a projector - and a sweet speaker system to have outdoor movies....

    I'm a tech-girl, too ... I love all that stuff. ;)

    Have fun playing with your new 'toys' this weekend!


  4. Think it a Great idea. E N J O Y all your upcoming movie nights! Will certainly be Fun, Cozy, and most of all very Family and that's exactly what it's al about, right!

    Have a marvelous weekend!

  5. Wow, I'm so not techie that I didn't understand most of your lingo! But the movie night I get! That sounds awesome, your kids will love it I'm sure! Thanks for stopping by, Theresa

  6. Hi Andrea,
    Your so lucky!
    I have always wanted a movie projector. I always wanted to have outside family movie nights in the summer. It sounds like so much fun!
    Take care.

  7. We hosted a family halloween costume party a few years back and my husband brought home the projector from work and we watched The Great Pumpkin and Monsters Inc. We used a white sheet and hung it between the trees. All the kids loved it. We have used it a couple of times more. Have a great weekend.

  8. you are too funny. usually it's the guys that are the ones buying the new gadgets. the outdoor theater is a great idea though. what fun your summer will be.

  9. Love it!! I am the tech girl in my family. Love all the gadgets!!
    Have fun,

  10. Nice blog. I like your header.:-) Stina

  11. Andrea,
    you are too funny. Drive-ins are so cool. We took our kids to one last summer and it was so fun. We took blankets and got some snacks. This particular drive-in was nice because you tuned your radio to a certain station and heard the movie clear as a bell. It was a double feature too.
    Have funny on summer movie nights. Your kids will love it.

  12. I am soooo there on drive in night! That a cool idea! I was thinking an outdoor movie night would be cool. What do you use as a screen? I saw on HGTV a blow-up screen, but I am thinking there has to be something else.

    My favorite thing about the drive in is how the movie sounds through those little metal speakers you hang on your window. So retro cool.

    Sent you a couple emails...let me know what you think when you have time.


  13. Youre so funny! I actually hate TV and didnt have one for the longest time. My mother MADE me get one, and that was in the form of mailing one to me. Of course I dont have cable or anything; its not even plugged into the wall. But I do watch DVDs sometimes, and I had missed playing nintendo, so it works out.

    I LOVE the projector though. Drive Ins must have been so neat, and its great that youre replicating that. What a great idea!

  14. One word: A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

    You'll be the coolest mom ever!! Such a great feeling to provide an "old fashioned" experience to bring joy to our young families lives!! Have fun...can't wait to hear all about it...

  15. P.S. I call my boys "dude" all the time!!

  16. We do outdoor movie nights every year and everyone loves it!!!

  17. You make me smile....what fun it would be to have family movie night outside!!

    Have a beautiful weekend!!

  18. Andrea, WHAT FUN! Outdoor movie nights, that is. I have a tiny TV and a vcr and a dvd player, but no regular tv reception. So I guess I'm pretty low tech, but I'm blogging!
    Enjoy your goodies!

  19. What a grand idea!!!! You are always thinking my dear...outside movies would be wonderful. xoxoo

  20. You are sooo funny!!!! I love action movies so very much....how fun! Although i do like the girl ones sometimes too...but how fun!

  21. I'm a TV addict junkie myself and just splurged on a flat screen in the studio. So of course, I had to buy a HD-DVR for it too. Of course.

  22. Well I'm technically challenged myself, but hubby and son love the stuff. In fact they painted a movie screen on a wall in our finished basement just for showing movies and playing games big-time on this huge screen. I have to admit it's great (and cheaper than going to a movie).

    I do miss the drive-in movies. There's nothing better. Sad that our kids will not have this experience--with the old speakers and visiting with friends between movies. Sigh.

  23. oh my goodness you just got what I've been wanting!!! wait till hubby comes home and i start telling him you got one!! LOL

  24. well, I am not so much a techie, but I would LOVE to watch movies in the back of an old pickup with a bunch of fluffy pillows and cozy blankets with my hubby and boys...that would be a perfect night!


  25. once a year, when the air is warm or neighborhood does an outdoor movie night -it is so fu. I am so not a tech girl!

  26. I would have to say in this household I too am the one for bigger and better tv's. A few years ago for Christmas I got a 61 inch Sony - not my husband!! You have to have a big tv for football!!!! And a big tv to watch chic flicks!!

  27. This post cracked me up. We have a sixty incher I got my husband for his birthday, and I'm a little embarrassed when people see it... NO MORE...If Andrea says it's okay, it must be! LOL I would've NEVER guessed this about you!