22 February 2010

Look What Came In The Mail

Last week I won a fabulous giveaway from the ever so sweet Andrea at Freckled Star....

and it included some wonderful teas....

aren't the tea bags too cute....this was my first time trying tea....except for Nestea....and I really enjoyed them.

and here's the rest of my loot....some darling note cards and pencils, a sweet little nest, a chubby bird statue, some super cute bird magnets and some yummy soap and lip balm....with all this great spring inspired stuff....I'm hoping that spring will find it's way here....SOON!

Thanks so much Andrea!

Have a fantastic day!


  1. What a lovely prezzie! I LOVE special teas, and those little bags are special, indeed. Are they reusable?

    Enjoy! Spring is on it's way, even if it doesn't feel like it yet...



  2. Oooh Andrea,
    Everything is darling. You're first time trying tea? How great is was so cute, love those bags and the tea cup and all the goodies for that matter. And a girl can NEVER have too much lip balm in my book! Happy week.

  3. Thank you for commenting on my blog, as I was able to find your beautiful blog. Your photographs are amazing. Can't wait to follow you!
    Take Care,

  4. Good Morning Andrea,
    What fun stuff! Those are the cutest little tea bags! Looks like you have new stuff in your store ~ better go over & check out. Have a great day!


  5. Oh. My. How wonderful. I am sure that was enough to brighten your day.

  6. What a fun treat! I've been waiting for your window seat reveal! We love ours-the top opens and that's where I store our blankets and pillows since we don't have a linen closet.
    More snow today!
    *Have you been to A&R Salvage in Omaha? It's a treasure trove.

  7. Andrea, I love the cups!!!! Where can I get some?


  8. It's on 28th Vinton St. - go to www.arsalvage.com

    I'm thinking one of those cabinets may work for the big ugly tv that will probably be coming in the next day or so! :)

  9. I sometimes have that tea and it's a particularly nice one and in such dainty sachets. Lucky you!

  10. What a wonderful gift set to win. I love the new Vera Bradley pattern with the birds.

    By the way the party was a huge success.

  11. what a great giveaway prize...those are the cutest tea bags i have ever seen!!!

  12. I love the tea cup numbers, numbers,numbers.....Thats the big thing now!

  13. Oh you lucky girl...so many treasures! Enjoy !!! Chrissy

  14. Hi Andrea
    love your treasures that came in the mail

    hang in there spring will come soon----
    I too- love your tea cups

    and the baby chicks!!!

  15. These treasures are so you my dear...I adore the sweet blue egg in the nest. Enjoy your treasures and yes...Spring is coming...I know she has been visiting us for the past few days..no coat weather for sure. xoxoxoo How are those babies of yours...you will have to take some sweet Easter chick images. xoxo

  16. Andrea Dear! Please let me come over and craft with you! Your space is really lovely and bright and sunny. And you look so organized! What a nice gift too! Have a great Wednesday!