18 January 2010

A Visit From Jack Frost

On Friday morning....we woke to this....

evidence that Jack Frost had visited us....

my little buddy was excited to see that Jack Frost had been busy the night before....touching everything in sight....so that we may wake....

to this winter wonderland.
Just beautiful.


  1. It was so beautiful! I have to admit...I long to live somewhere warm and near the beach, but I would miss things like this now and then. Maybe the Midwest isn't so bad afterall.. ;o) ~mary~

  2. I love it - it's pure magic. Wish I was there. The frost on the branches is soooo pretty.

  3. Hey! I posted photos on a visit from Jack Frost today too, lol. However, it looks like he spent more time outside your home sweet home! Gorgeous photos you captured! Isn't the frost so beautiful?

  4. oh, that looks pretty...most of our snow has melted and what is left is all dirty~looking...i hate when that happens...

  5. wow gorgeous pictures Andrea! What kind of lens/camera do you have?

  6. Andrea, what beautiful pictures. The beauty balances the cold and inconvenience of winter, doesn't it?
    Love, Sherry

  7. What a winter wonderland.

    So enchanting.

    Love it!

  8. So beautiful. We are experiencing a rather hot summer and our winters are mild so we never get to experience these gorgeous sights. Thank you for sharing.

  9. So Gorgeous Andrea!! Love It!

    Big Hugs ~ Teresa

  10. wow - it's beautiful
    makes me feel a bit silly complaining that I am cold down south -
    I love your pictures -
    stay warm!!

  11. We go from snow to warmer weather it's driving me crazy. As soon as I get the yard cleaned up bam it will snow again!

  12. Looks beautiful but.......no thanks:)

  13. wow beautiful pictures Andrea! I drool over your truck everytime come over! :0)
    Please stop by today...I have something for you!

  14. Winter gets a bad rap but it is beautiful. Glad your little one enjoyed it. Come for a visit.


  15. I love when this happens! In NC we rarely see this scene, but when we do, everyone revels in it.

    Beautiful shots.



  16. Breathtaking pictures Andrea!!!

    BTW, I've been meaning to drop by and say how cool it was to see your beautiful shop mentioned in the magazine I picked up last week! Very cool!!!

    :) T

  17. I know this is an older post but....Your pictures are among the best I see on blogs. I just get lost in them. I am such a big fan of your blog, I read often but I am guilty of not leaving comments. Usually when I see 40 comments ahead of me I think it's all been said already. But today I wanted to make sure I thanked you for all of the wonderful images, ideas & inspiration you give me. Lisa