11 January 2010

For Moi...How Sweet

Look what Mary at Vintage Home and Garden presented me with...

a Kreativ Blogger award...for moi...how sweet.

So with this....here are 7 random things about me you may not know...

1. We purchased our farmhouse (halfway across the country) online....yep....that means we didn't see it in person until we pulled up in our U-Haul.

2. To go with No.1...we also didn't see the town that we'd be calling home until we drove into it....luckily the town...as well as the farmhouse are perfect.

3. I love making lists...that's right...I write lists daily.

4. I love making the bed....and love white sheets.

5. I collect vintage umbrellas.

6. My hubby calls me dude...cuz I act like one.

7. I'm a dork....you see....in the middle of writing this post, I heard the doorbell ring and went out to show the contractor what he needed to fix....and as I made my way back to the house, I realized the front door was locked....LOCKED. So...while I did have a jacket on...I was still in my jammies (in freezing weather mind you). So...dressed to the nines in my jammies....I walked down our dirt road to one of our neighbors who was thankfully home and called my hubby to see if he could come let me in....he came....the end.

Moral of No.7....make an extra house key and hide it outside.


  1. hahhahaha. In your jammies! Hey, at least life is interesting, right?

  2. I love your courage, sight unseen wow, other than on line. What an adventure you all are. Burr jammies outside in your cold, at least you had a neighbor close by. Florence

  3. wow #1 is so brave WHAT AN ADVENTURE!!

  4. Wow you and your Hubs are so BRAVE to move to a sight unseen... or maybe it's FAITH :) anyhoot, thanks for sharing and have a Happy Monday!


  5. #1 got me, you are so brave and please come and make my bed it hasn't been made in a really long time! :)

  6. Hi Andrea stopped by to visit the other day I wish You could find me another St Theresa Statue...I collect them... your goods are beautiful. Blessings, laura

  7. what a wonderful story you have - how brave you are.
    Stay warm -

  8. Your not alone...I've locked myself out a time or two letting the dog out and had to walk next door to call someone too!! LOL!! Love that you took a chance and bought your farm in an unknown town.....I only wish I was as brave!!

  9. You are too cute...congratulations on your award. Vintage umbrellas sound lovely!

  10. Andrea, you cracked me up with #7! I have done this! When I lived in Denver, not out in the country. Congrats on the Creative Award!

  11. You've never shown your collection of umbrellas. We have to see it! I have my little religous statues up and I love them!! The mary one os my favorite:) I'll have them on my blog soon. Doing a little spring cleaning early.

  12. LOL! I can't even tell you how many times I have locked myself out of the house and had to go to the neighbor's house and call hubby to come and let me in! You'd think I would have learned after the 4th or 5th time! :)

    Loved learning all these things about you!


  13. LOL! I'm glad I'm not the only DORK! Don't forget where you hide the key!

  14. Hey dude, great blog! LOL That is so cute that your hubby calls you that. I love it!
    Hope you're doing well.