28 September 2009

More Peeks

A few more sneak peeks of the bathroom makeover.


24 September 2009

A Little Peek

Here's a little peek into what I've been doing this week....

See the ugly pink tub below...it's a 100-years old and in need of a makeover...
I know many of you love pink...and think I'm nuts to paint over a pink tub...but it really is an awful shade of 80's pink.....YUCK!

So with brush in hand....

and a gorgeous shade of gray (Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore)....

I painted our cast iron tub...

and I absolutely love it!


My home re-do checklist is as follows:

little buddy's room....check
my man-boy's room (my 13-year old son)....check
top story bathroom...almost check

be back soon with the the finished bathroom.

Have a wonderful weekend!
xoxo, Andrea

22 September 2009

A New Venture

I've finally decided to do it....I've rented a small space at an antique mall. This is something that I've been wanting to do for a while now...and am very excited to start this new venture. Mr.Plains and I love re-finishing furniture, and have accumulated quite a bit, and now we'll have an outlet for it all.

I've been busy putting price tags on everything and trying to think of ways to make our spot an inspiring one. I love trying to find exciting new ways to display items...being this will be my first time setting up displays, it'll be challenging...but I'm up for it. We'll officially be moving into our space on October 11th...but we have some painting and prepping to do first...and being a 40 mile trip one-way...I hope I don't forget any supplies.

Once it's all ready, I'll be sure to take some photos to share with you.

Happy Fall Y'all....Andrea

P.S. By the way....just like our "coop manager" ordered....all the posts are painted....next he says we'll have to paint the goat houses....what???

17 September 2009

Weekend Chores

Last weekend was spent doing chores....

but, if you ask my little buddy....painting the chicken coop...is not a chore.

It's a chore we do every fall....and he loves it.

He takes so much pride in all he does....and won't stop till it's done....even when mom's tired and ready to go take a shower....the "chicken coop manager" won't let her. And I've already been told that this weekend we have to finish painting all the posts and clean out the coop....who made him the boss anyway.


14 September 2009

Vintage Goods....Fresh From The Market

Just added today to our Vintage Goods....

vintage pink depression cake plate...

vintage style shaving kit...

french Madeline molds...

and a gorgeous antique children's photo collage....

but more "new" vintage goods are in the shop...wanna take a peek.

catch ya later....Andrea

08 September 2009

Tinsel & Treats

I was visiting Tammy's blog...Tinsel & Company...and saw that she had the cutest Halloween and Fall decorating items in her Ebay shop.

Most of the items she offers are from the Bethany Lowe line and are inspired by vintage and well-loved items of yesteryear....what a cute way to add some vintage charm to your fall decorating.

Photos courtesy of Tinsel & Company.

03 September 2009

Your Gonna Love This....

Your gonna love this shop......

Tara from Blondie 'N' SC has opened up a new etsy shop....and it is gorgeous! Tara's Vintage Kitchen is just that...she specializes in beautiful vintage kitchen wares. Below are a few of her items...I'm lovin' the tarnished silver...

You really must visit her shop...you will absolutely not be disappointed!

Happy Thursday!
Photos courtesy of Tara's Vintage Kitchen.