31 August 2009

Love This

Love the way this looks...

As you all know, I'm slowly going through our home and re-doing things here and there...and when I came across this photo, I loved it. I love that I already have many of the items in this photo...like the ironstone, silver trays and I have lots of hinged glass jars that I'm labeling and using for my spices....and I just love the chalkboard door...I think I'm gonna try that one. And of course, when we get done with our kitchen...I'll be sure to show you the before and after....it's gonna be a big change.

Photo courtesy of Country Living.

24 August 2009

Some New Goods

Just finished adding some new goods to the shop....like....

some new style pillow slips....and re-stocked some old favorites in our Linens....

and also added some "new" vintage goods...as well as some darling aged library cards.

Hope you all have a beautiful Monday!

21 August 2009

Funny Girls

I wanted to share something funny with you guys this morning....

See that pretty girl up there...that's Peanut...she's on the 2nd story roof looking in at me while I'm in my office....

Here she's watching me make one of the boy's beds...

She's trying to get a better look at me...

and here is Bubba Jay {the turkey} and Emily....waiting at the kitchen door for breakfast....funny girls.

xoxo, Andrea

17 August 2009

First Project....Check

A couple posts ago, I mentioned that we're staying planted right here in our beautiful 1890 farmhouse...and that we {well...mostly me} were inspired to do some makeovers in our home...here's the first one.

This is my 6-year old sons room now....I painted his room a gorgeous khaki color and re-vamped his old furniture by giving them a fresh coat of paint...in black.

So now...what was a mish mash of furniture styles and wood grains...is now a beautiful cohesive bedroom set...thank you paint. Do you see the lamp on his little table...it used to be a wood lamp with a denim lampshade...I used the same black paint that I used on his bed and dresser and painted the base then covered the lampshade with some extra jute webbing I had....the webbing has great black stiches and matches so well with his bedding....oh....the bedding....I just love his new bedding. He has beautiful organic sheets and his quilt is a dark charcoal and cream ticking...looks just like french ticking...love it! I purchased all the bedding at Target...gotta love Target. You'll also notice I added some of his personality to the room....he loves science fiction movies...so I bought 2 large movie posters {2 of his favorites movies} from ebay and framed them in nice black frames....love the graphic punch they give the room.

Oh....I guess you might like to see the before photo.


1st bedroom project....check

Now I just have the whole rest of the house to do.

14 August 2009

Fall Fashion


Today is the first day of school....and with that....I know that fall is just around the corner. It's one of my favorite times of the year.....I especially like the fact that I can dress in layers....I love dressing in layers. So with that, I decided to design a new outfit for myself here....I love how it turned out. I know some of you are looking at those Chuck Taylor's and thinking...why would you ruin that outfit with those....well, I gotta tell you....I love me some Chuck Taylor....they're the shoes your most likely to find me in.....any time of year.

I'm off to play some more with my outfit....have a great weekend!

13 August 2009

A Few New Things

Just added some new style tags...love these...and a new style of french grain sack.

Have a great Thursday!

10 August 2009

Staying Planted

Do you remember this post? Well, lots has changed in a couple weeks.

Here's the story....we had found another farmhouse on more acreage that we put an offer on and the sellers had accepted it. Well, after having our home on the market for 4 months, and keeping it immaculant {and an offer on our farmhouse in the works} , the sellers of the farmhouse that we wanted, decided they no longer wanted to sell their property...does that stink or what! All the time and energy we spent these last few months...all for nothing....well that's at least what I thought.

See....we only put our home on the market because we fell in love with this other property...and since that property is no longer available...we're staying planted. And you know what...that's not a bad thing....

We've come to realize that we needed this little journey to see that what we have is all we need. We now look at our 1890 farmhouse with fresh new eyes...and we love what we see.

We've been inspired....and our farmhouse is the inspiration.

I also wanted to mention that the lovely Ruth at The Beautiful Life has honored me with a beautiful award. Thanks so much Ruth...your the best! If you haven't visited Ruth's blog or online shop...you really must...I promise, you won't be dissappointed.

07 August 2009

Some Things I Love

The sweet Koralee at Blue Bird Notes has tagged me to share with you some of the things I love....so here goes...

I love....
my family
my faith
my life

those are at the top of my list....now here's a few more....

old abandoned buildings {like the one above that I photographed}
blue skies
happy farm animals
a good cup of coffee
a single hydrangea in a glass jar
bees & butterflies in my garden

Those are just some of the things I'm loving today....my list is ever growing.