30 July 2009

A Quickie

No....not that kind....you silly girls....I meant a quickie post.

Just wanted to share with you that we went sweet corn pickin'.

Can you say....Y U M!!!

27 July 2009

Midwest Skies

I took these photos over a period of 47 minutes...just to show you how fast the weather can change here.





It still amazes me how in a matter of minutes it can go from gorgeous skies...to black as night skies...and back to gorgeous skies again.

I love midwest skies!

23 July 2009

Great Finds

Boy....have I found some great finds for you....

Last night I was visiting one of my favorite online shops...The Beautifil Life...when I came across this beauty. Isn't it just beautiful! Ruth just added this great french style drying rack to her shop...and I was all over it like bees on honey...that sucker was in my basket....FAST. I've been looking for a drying rack for some time now....but as many of you know....they can be quite expensive....but Ruth has found one that is so reasonably priced....Thanks Ruth! Wanna check it out...she has some available right here.

And see that zinc topped jar and the potholders...I just received my order and loved them both. Ruth carries a great line of Jeanne d' Arc living products....like the jar and potholders...wanna see more of her swedish accessories...check them out here.

Hope you liked my finds.

Photos courtesy of The Beautiful Life....Thanks Ruth!

22 July 2009

New Goods

Just added some new goods to the shop....let's see here....

some new goods to our Linens....

some to our Farmhouse Goods....

and some to our Vintage Goods.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

20 July 2009

This Weekend...

This weekend consisted of....

some of this....

some of this...

some of this...

and lots of this.

Oh....and remember these little guys...Bubba Jay and Peanut...

here they are 3 months later...a beautiful and rare breed of turkey called Royal Palm. They have become such a wonderful addition to our little farm....and just like "our girls", they too are super friendly...and actually come knockin' on our door when they want some treats.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend too!

P.S. I'll be back Wednesday with a shop update...stay tuned.

17 July 2009


We're livin' in limbo over here.

So here's the story....We put our 1890 farmhouse {above} on the market 3 months ago because we decided that we wanted something more rural with more land {our farm population keeps growing} and we're still here. Now being from California, all the homes we sold over there were never on the market more than a couple weeks {although that's not the case now}...but here in Nebraska...things move a bit slower. Our realtor had said that acreages take longer because these are for specific buyer's...and the fact that it's a farmhouse doesn't always appeal to everybody...WHAT! Some people don't like farmhouses!

What makes it worse, is that we've found the perfect acreage for us...it's rural, a newer home {built in 1900} has lots of outbuildings and a big ol' barn. We have lots of plans for the new farmstead...and are just itching to be there.

I know...I know...patience...good things come to those who wait. So...we're just waiting until the right person comes....

Hello....right person...could you come a little faster....thanks!

xoxo Andrea

15 July 2009

Ordinary Objects

Lately, I've been wanting to fix up my ordinary objects to reflect my style a bit more. I had lots of totes lying around...some plain and some with logos I really didn't care for...so I thought I might cover the ugly logos with scrap fabric. The tote above is covered in a paisley fabric that I just tore and left the edges raw...a little bit of fabric glue...and there you have it.

This ruffle tote is made with your basic plain tote that I embellished with pre-made white cotton ruffles and some velvet ribbon. Again, a bit of fabric glue, an aged tag and lace and your done. {inspiration courtesy of this amazing blogger}

Now this idea came from this wonderful book. I reference this book all the time and have really enjoyed making the transition to cleaning my home with more eco-friendly and natural products.

These are just your run of the mill everyday plastic hangers that I covered in torn white muslin. At first, I thought covering the hangers would just make my closet look nicer...but in fact...with the hangers covered, our clothes hang better and don't slip off...perfect for tank tops.

What are you doing to change your ordinary objects to reflect your style?

12 July 2009

A Friend's Giveaway

There's an amazing giveaway going on right now at Punk Rose Journal's blog.

These are just a couple of the amazing goodies in the giveaway....she's crazy talented and takes the most gorgeous photos around....so, you really need to stop reading this and rush over to her blog....you'll love what you see.

10 July 2009

A New Look

We have a new look at Faded Plains.

We've filled our shelves with lots of "new" things...with more on the way...wanna take a peek.

Happy Weekend!!

08 July 2009

Driveway Daisies

This weekend I went picking for flowers.....
in my driveway.

These little beauties are what I like to call "Driveway Daisies".

Our driveway is a pebble road and these grow along the sides....naturally.

To me...they are the epitome of farmhouse flowers.

The best place to pick wildflowers.....my driveway.....if you ask me.

Just a quick note for any Firefox users...our website is A-okay and working fine now. Thanks!

06 July 2009

And The Winner Is....

My choice of random number generator....is my lil' buddy.

And he chose lucky number 7....Deb from Posted From Home. Congratulations Deb!

04 July 2009

Happy 4th of July

Wishing you and yours....a happy and safe 4th of July.
And to the many men and women who are serving....and have served....thank you from the bottom of my heart.

01 July 2009

Old Truck Wanted....

My daily ride is a truck...but it's all shiny and semi-new...and I want one that looks like...well...like the one up above....cute huh. I think I'm gonna keep an eye out for an ol' fella to pick up {still talking about a truck here girls}.

Image above is courtesy of Graphics Fairy. She has a great blog with wonderful free graphics...go check it out.

Talk later peeps....Andrea