29 June 2009

Iowa or Bust

On Father's Day weekend...every year...Walnut, Iowa becomes flea market heaven. This tiny town is overrun with white tents and funnel cake...and is a treasure hunters dream. Having lived in the midwest for 3 1/2 years, I'm ashamed to say this is my first visit to the great show....but according to Mr. Plains, will be a yearly event. So...why don't you come walk the cobble streets of Walnut with me...

I'm soooo loving old bowling pins.

See...here are some more....lov'em!

I'm also loving how all these old softballs look together....I brought lots of these home with me.

Thanks for walking with me....sorry there aren't more pictures to share....but I was too busy saying...Oh....Ah....


P.S. Don't forget to leave a comment on this post...I'll announce the giveaway winner on July 6th.

25 June 2009

The 150 Post Giveaway

Today I hit 150 posts.
So, to celebrate I want to have a giveaway...as my way of saying thank you...for all your support, kindness and friendship.

Now...let's see what we have here...

3 beautiful silver candleholder clips...

1 burlap sack {not my usual large ones...a smaller coffee house sack with bold graphics}...

5 vintage wooden bobbins.

And a partridge in a pear tree....lol....just kidding. {partridge in a pear tree not included}

The rules...simple...just leave a comment on this post by July 2 and your entered. I'll announce the winner on July 6th. Please make sure I have a way to get in touch with you...cuz you just might be the winner!

Again...thank you all!
P.S. The wonderful Tammy at Tinsel & Company is having a giveaway too...and it's a good one...go check it out...right now.

22 June 2009

Etsy Love

I love shopping Etsy.....and thought I'd share a couple of new favorite Etsy shops with you.

I love these unbleached Unpaper Towels by Athena Creates. I love purchasing and supporting anyone who is trying to make a difference....and these little cloth wonders are doing just that. I have started using these instead of paper towels to clean up small messes and Spaghetti O's off little faces. Just rinse these suckers with some soapy water and hang to dry...they dry really fast...and are washable....love these!
This white cotton tape is so fun to play with. You can use it to tape up a note, photo, embellish a notebook. I used it to attach some old family photos to cardstock...looks so sweet, huh. You can find it here.

Now this is Japanese masking tape....and I love this stuff. It comes in tons of colors and styles and just makes everything look so cute.

You can write on it, make little flags, seal an envelope...and of course use it to hold your notes. You can find this Japanese tape and the cloth tape above at Nothing Elegant.

Ok...now go take a peek.

19 June 2009

Gettin' A Little Work Done

We're gettin' a little work done to our website and thought I'd freshen up the ol' blog too. Since starting my website just over a year ago, I hadn't made any changes...and really thought it was time to freshen things up a bit. So, please bear with us while we nip and tuck our site...categories will be changing, new photos, and of course new items.

P.S. This is post 148...stay tuned...only 2 more posts until the giveaway.

17 June 2009

A Lil' Lace and Glue...Viola

I've been looking for a peg bag for my clothespins that matches my style...but to no avail. So, the other day I was shopping at our local "everything" store, and came across this plain cotton peg bag {for only $2.50}....and then the light bulb hit me....why not decorate my own bag.
I got out some old lace, velvet ribbon and fabric glue {no sewing skills here} and got busy!

And this is what I came up with.

I just love it....now I can hang my sheets in style.

xoxo Andrea
P.S. Don't forget to check back soon for a giveaway.

15 June 2009

I'm Painting.....What The!!!

Ok, so I've never painted a painting before...but was inspired by her to try, after seeing this...too cute , huh!

So anyways, I wrote a post about this embroidery I did...that I love...and thought that I'd try to re-create it into a painting.

Now mind you, I didn't even have the right kinds of paints...only craft paint...and in only 6 colors...luckily they were just the right colors. So I put paintbrush to canvas....and this is what I came up with.

My Lil' Boy Bleu painting.

I think it's not too shabby condsidering it's my first try at this. Now I'm just aching to get some "real" paints to try my hand at another one.

I also wanted to mention that I'm almost at 150 posts....so I feel a giveaway coming soon. Stay tuned, cuz I think I'll probably hit post 150 this week....WhoooHooo!

11 June 2009


We're having a SALE!!!

We're having a 1/2 OFF sale in our French Cupboard and Sale categories. We've even added new items to our French Cupboard today....and they're already on sale!

xoxo Andrea

10 June 2009


I ♥ stuff....

Mind you I'm not a clutter kinda person...everything has it's place. I just love stuff with patina, torn edges, chipped paint, texture, history....and yes....even beautiful photos of people I don't know...and I know all of you can relate cuz your my peeps...right? So, this morning I went walking through the house and took some photos of...stuff....stuff I ♥.

Catch ya later peeps!

08 June 2009

Weekend Decorating

So...did that title get you...did you think this post was about wonderful decorating ideas...

well, it is...it's about weekend decorating with my little buddy.

Star Wars is BIG around this house....being I have two boys, it's everywhere. So, this weekend was spent...like most days...playing with Star Wars toys.

I gotta say...I think this is some of my favorite weekend decorating.


04 June 2009

New Blog On The Block

Wanna take a peek into a beautiful garden...remember this post...well, she has now started a garden blog. Run and take a peek won't you...tell her Andrea sent ya.

02 June 2009

Lil' Update

Just a lil' update in the shop today.