30 May 2009

Look Who ♥'s Me

Our ice maker wasn't working so we opened it up...and this is what we found...
a perfect heart.

I know it's a silly post....but how cute is that!

27 May 2009

Picking Flowers...And Mowing

This weekend much of our time was spent picking flowers....
like peonies from my garden...
they smell heavenly...

and admiring my clematis vines....

sittin' on our porch...

singing to the girls...

Oh...and mowing.

Remember when I mentioned I like mowing in this post, well, it's all cuz Lulu makes mowing so much fun. Thanks Lulu!

And how was your weekend?

25 May 2009

Memorial Day

And I'm proud to be an American,
where at least I know I'm free.
And I won't forget the men who died,
who gave that right to me.
~Lee Greenwood

21 May 2009

Random Things

Today I was at a loss of what to write about...so, I thought I'd share 10 "random things" about me...with you.
1. The above picture is of me in the 1st grade. Love the turqouise turtleneck with daisies...so 70's.
2. I have been married 16 years....to my best friend.
3. I have two boys...13 and 6...and they are the light of my life.
4. I was born and raised a city girl in California....and now reside on a farm in the midwest...love it!
5. I'm Italian.
6. I like mowing the lawn.
7. I don't like pulling weeds.
8. Favorite food is italian...that's a given.
9. I don't do dishes...my hubby does.
10. I'm a rocker.

14 May 2009

Grain Sack Love

Wanna share in some of my grain sack love.....check them out here and here. Oh...and you can also check out our new notecards here.

Talk to ya later peeps...♥Andrea

13 May 2009

Castle For Sale

Anyone in the market for a castle or mansion in France? If so, here are a few that are available right now.

Come dream with me....

Photos courtesy of www.patrice-besse.co.uk

Okay...I guess I should snap out of it...at least for now.

Wanna see the inside of these...or maybe a Paris flat...you can check them out here.

08 May 2009

Just Some Pretties

Just a few new pretties added to the shop....like...

a set of four sweet plates...

a beautiful "Jewels" box...

and a vintage 50's prom dress.

There's actually a dozen new items just added...wanna take a peek.

06 May 2009

Thank You For Knowing Me

My sweet friend Sue, surprised me the other day with this darling box....

and inside was this...

a most beautiful old rosary...

and a stunning vintage brooch.

Does she know me or what!

Thank you Sue...for knowing me.

04 May 2009

A Little TLC

Sometimes, we all need a little TLC....so Friday....I got me some.
My friend Sue and I headed out early Friday morning to go to TLC {Treasures Lovingly Created}. It's the most wonderful place out in the country....

where flowers are abound...

and darling sheds and buildings dot the landscape.

They specialize in dried floral arrangements.

And the shop itself was bursting with gorgeous displays.

Their dried flowers are simply divine...like the photo above {and below} they retain all their color and look so fresh...

you have to touch them to see if they're really dried.

Oh....and see this darling chandelier, it's made from an old piece of fence and hung from a rusty old pulley...love this!

The chandelier hung in this beautiful Pergola that was full of country charm. The Pergola itself, was constructed of wooden beams that were the only parts remaining of the barn that once stood here....recycling at it's best!

TLC is located at:
1442 County Road 18
Hooper, Nebraska 68031