27 April 2009

Come Meet The Family

It's been a while since I showed you our extended family....so here they are.
Eating breakfast.
The view from my office is of these cuties...Harley, Rico and Nico...they're fainting goats...wanna know why they call them fainting goats, you can check it out here.

These are "my girls" who lay the best eggs in town {that's the proud mom in me talking}. Oh...and that's Sammy one of our ducks...just eating a snack with her sisters.

Here's "our gang" which includes Sammy {aka Mother Goose} a Rouen duck {the brown one} and Scooter and Butterscotch {Runner ducks}. See how the light fawn colored ducks stand...they don't waddle like most ducks, they stand straight up and run, hence the name Runners.

And now I'd like to introduce you to two of our newset family members...Peanut and Bubba Jay... our baby turkey's.

Hope you liked meeting some of our exteneded family.

Talk to ya later peeps :o)

24 April 2009

Lil' Tags

Have I told you how much I love to dye tags....

and stamp tags....

and scatter them about...

Well...I do.
I received many emails asking if I was going to add these tags to the shop...Okay...here they are.

22 April 2009

Burlap Sacks

Just a quick note to let you know that we've lowered our prices on our burlap sacks. We came into a BIG load of them at a great price...so of course we wanted to pass the savings on to you. There now $12.00 each...that's more than 50% off the original price.

Here's one of the projects I did with the sacks....gotta chair that needs re-covering? {I know, shameless plug...hehehe}
Have a fantastic Tuesday!

20 April 2009

Ahhh...Thank You

Look what the wonderful Koralee from Blue Bird Notes has given me...
This beautiful Renee Award. The Renee award was created by Bella and Ces in honour of their friend Renee. In Bella's own words,"this is a brand new award and i have the pleasure and honor of spreading the seed to watch it grow. I hope it finds it's way to those who are like Renee: the acorn, a small package becoming a tall and sturdy oak giving more acorns, becoming tall and sturdy oaks, giving acorns..." Thank you so much Koralee for thinking of me!

I also wanted to let you know about a little shop update...a dozen new style tags are available here.

I hope everyone has a beautifulweek!

15 April 2009

Give A Kid A Toaster Strudel....

Give a kid a toaster strudel {with a sweet message of course} and watch him rule English class.

My big boy {he's 13} had to draw two mythological creatures or people for his english class this weekend...and here's what he came up with, Poseiden and Ares.

I just lov'em. He has such a great eye for detail, shading and scale {he must get his creativity from his sweet ol' mom}. His english teacher told him he went above and beyond what was expected...I see an A in his future.

So see, if you give a kid a warm toaster strudel for breakfast {don't forget the sweet message in icing} he can rule english class.

Great job pumpkin!

13 April 2009

Springin' Up Roses

Today I added a few new things to the shop....like these.

Kinda got a roses and floral theme going on.

Also back in stock are our Farmhouse Soaps. These are the same soaps we carried previously, but now in a huge 6.5oz. bar.

Oh...and some Le Royal Tags too.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

10 April 2009

Happy Easter

Wishing you and yours a blessed Easter!

06 April 2009

What in the world...

What in the world is going on here...
just the day before {this picture was taken yesterday} I was admiring all the bulbs trying to push their way through...and now this! In case you didn't know, I'm a California girl living in the midwest now, and still getting used to this kind of weather. It's just like they say...if you don't like the weather right now, wait 15 minutes and it'll change. I can't tell you how true that is here in the midwest. I'm really hoping that was the last of winter cuz I'm soooo ready for spring...and I think our farm animals are too.

03 April 2009

Glittery Giveaway

Look what I won....

Isn't this little shoe just darling!

I won this sweet Bethany Lowe shoe from Tammy at Tinsel Company. She has a fabulous ebay store and will soon be opening up her own website. If your into all things glittery, and I know you are, you really need to take a peek at her stuff...it's all fabulous!

02 April 2009

Book Therapy

I love old books...

their ability to make a home cozy...

their patina...

their tattered pages...

their covers...

Old books can add so much charm to a home...their mellowed pages just add a warmth and coziness that only books of age can do. To me, looking at my bookshelves, full of old books always makes me wonder...the people who read these...the tears they've shed on their pages...the giggles that escaped as they read...the inspiration they spawned.