27 February 2009

Sparkly Spring

I added a few new things to the shop today...just in time for Spring!
Like these adorable glittery confections. They're Wendy Addison egg ornaments and are just too cute. I even used them to change my blog banner to something a bit more springy...What'ya think?

I also added some vintage millinery chenille bugs and a pair of cute old fuzzy blue duck picks...too cute...and they're perfect to embelish a spring project with.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend...♥Andrea

25 February 2009

Collection Corral

How do you corral your collections?

In old jewelry boxes...

in ironstone bowls...

tied in ribbons...

in jars...

or left loose...with room to roam.

How do you corral your collections?


23 February 2009

Inspiring Artist

If you've never visited Lori Oles blog Vintage Flair...boy are you missing out. Lori makes the most amazing pieces of art...and I have been lucky enough to have just purchased one.

A couple weeks ago she added a few items to her Etsy shop...which if you know her art work...you know that nothing lasts more than a few minutes on there. Well, I thought, if I go to her shop and there's anything left it was meant to be mine....and this is what I bought.

The most beautiful vintage wallpaper pouch. I can't tell you how in love I am with this piece...it's utterly perfect. It even has a receipt on there from Nebraska...and that's where I'm at...coincidence...I think not.

She adds so many wonderful details like...ribbons, lace, and stiching.

It is a piece that I will treasure always.

Lori is truly an inspiring artist!

20 February 2009

The Goods

New goods in the shop today...like...

Vintage candleholders...

Vintage enamel soap dish...

Just in from France, vintage linen tea towels...

Beautiful vintage cherub putti angels...

A darling large vintage bisque doll.

But that's not all...I've added a dozen new items to the shop today...hope you like them.


18 February 2009

Color Inspiration

What inspires the color of your home?

Is it pictures from your favorite magazines...

An old family photo...

A lovely old slip...

A stack of wonderfully aged books...

A beautiful collection of transferware and ironstone...
Inspiration is all around us....What inspires the color of your home?

16 February 2009

My Weekend Craft Session

I just thought I'd share with you what I made this weekend. I used a flat canvas panel and attached old french novel pages to it and embellished it with some muslin, tulle, and fun stuff like that, and the center piece is the gorgeous ballerina print I bought from Heather...I just LOVE that print.
By the way, I'll be adding some of the vintage french novel pages to the shop this week...I'll post about it when there available.

14 February 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

I hope your Valentine's Day is a beautiful one, shared with those you hold dear.
Happy Valentine's Day!

13 February 2009

Just A Few New Things

Just a few new things added to the shop today, like....
This too cute vintage italian tole strawberry light...

A sweet rose print...

And three different copies of these 1890's sketch books. These books contain antique lithographs and beautiful poems printed on velum...quite unique.

This last photo is a glimpse of what's going on over here today. Yesterday, we were in the 50's {which is unheard of this time of year} and today, it's like a blizzard. I took this photo from our porch and I can usually see for miles...not today.
I hope everyone stays cozy and warm.

12 February 2009

And The Winner Is.......

And the winner of my OWOH giveaway is........Gillian from Scotland! Congratulations Gillian!


I also wanted to let you know about a wonderful giveaway given by Jeanne from Bushel and a Peck. Really...run don't walk over there cuz her giveaway is fabulous...trust me. Below are a couple of Jeanne's items from her etsy shop. These are just a few of the the gorgeous things you can pick from her shop if your the winner....but you gotta enter first.

Are you still here.....you really need to leave Jeanne a comment so you can stop drooling over her pictures. Go on...I'll still be here when you get back ;o)

09 February 2009

Old Paper Parcels

I added a couple old paper parcels to the shop today...but first I thought I'd share a couple of french postcards with you from my own personal collection.

You are welcome to copy and save these two images for you to use in your art.

And here are the paper parcels available today.

Above are 1906 Novel Parcels from a book entitled Aunt Jane's Nieces, who's author just happens to be L. Frank Baum, the author of The Wizard of Oz.

And these sweet ol' pages came from a 1892 dictionary. The patina on them is so yummy!

I hope you enjoy the postcard images...and if you happen to make something artsy with them... I'd love to see it.


06 February 2009

You Know When You Meet Someone...

You know when you meet someone...who just gets you...well that's Kris. The other day I heard my mailman honk to let me know a package had arrived. I wasn't expecting anything, but to my surprise I had a package.

It was from my lovely friend Kris. I opened the box...and this is what I found. A gorgeous wooden cigar box filled to the rim with goodies. Kris just knows what I love!

It was filled with everything from beautiful fabric to lovely flowers.

All this was packed in the cigar box. I just kept uncovering more and more wonderful things. There's glitter, stamps, french stickers, ribbons, gorgeous fabric, tags, cards, beautiful pins, flowers and even a yummy sounding receipe (love that).

The funny thing is...I've never even "met" Kris. We've become fast friends through this wonderful thing called blogging. It's so amazing how people in different states, and countries, can find that certain someone...that just gets you.

Thank you Kris...from the bottom of my heart!

You might wanna take a peek at Kris' Etsy...it's just beautiful.

04 February 2009

Blog Inspiration

Recently I was visiting some of my favorite blogs and I came across a couple that just completely inspired me.

Ok, so my first bit of inspiration came from Heather. She has the most amazing collection of vintage Valentine's Day candy boxes. So, with images of vintage candy boxes dancing in my head I headed out to Hobby Lobby and picked up a wood shaped heart for $1.99 and went to work.

And here's what I came up with...my own mini version of a vintage candy box. I just added some vintage wallpaper, velvet ribbon, old millinery, cheesecloth, a rhinestone pin and a piece of torn muslin to hang it from. Kinda cute, huh.

I can't tell you had much fun this little project was....I wanna make a hundred of them....well, maybe not a hundred...but definetly more.

My second spark of inspiration came from this Heather. She makes the most amazing things...and when I saw this...I just had to try it...or something like it. So, while at Hobby Lobby, I picked up this wooden Cross and got busy. I painted it up and distressed it a bit and added my pearls.

I'm really happy with how this turned out too. It looks so handmade and with those lovely shades of cream and gray it matches my home perfectly. Love it!

Thanks so much to these inspiring women for sharing their beautiful photos and ideas with us. Now, I'm off to be inspired again.


02 February 2009

Saturday's Stash

On Saturday we ventured into Iowa to see what we could find....

and we found a sweet little antique shop. They had so many little things to look at...and if you notice... that's just what I bought...little things. I found a gorgeous 1936 ribbon with a Mary medallion...love it! A sweet pink ribbon badge, lots of pearl necklaces to use in my craft room, some great vintage photos...I only bought 3...but I'm so going back to buy a bunch more...it's just that they were in the "rough room" and it was in the back of the shop with no heating, so my hands were frozen stiff and all I could muster up were these 3 photos. But they had hundreds to look through, so next time with gloves on hands, you can bet I'll be in a photo drunkeness when I'm done with that shop.

And I found these darling itsy bitsy vintage dice. After seeing a picture on Corey's blog of tiny dice (it's her banner now)...I knew I had to have some...and lo and behold...the little shop had some. WhoooHoo for me! You gotta love the little things!