07 December 2009

Meet Stella

I'd like to introduce you to Stella...

our 1949 Ford truck...that I'm utterly in love with.

Stella doesn't look like much...a ding here...rust there...but lift her top....

and she's smokin'.

She's part hot rod...part farm truck...I've got the best of both worlds.

Stella...is what we like to call a "sleeper" in car terms....

meaning...from the outside she's kinda old and blah looking...

but under her hood....she's got a rebuilt 351 engine...and lots of muscle.

Not to mention...Centerline wheels...and beefy tires.

Mama loves her some muscle.

{Oh...and if you love the ruffle tote...like I do...you can find them here}

And this is our tree....she's perfect.

This year she resides in our basement...it's the only carpeted surface in our home...and I think the boys will thank me Christmas morning...when they don't have to open their gifts on cold wood floors.

The boys decorated her all by themselves...I even resisted the urge to fix her.
And as you can see...my 6 year old likes to put the ornaments all together in clusters...for more impact.

Only....the impact is just plain ugly...

wouldn't you know that their favorite ornaments are the ugly ones I've been trying to throw away for years...

but...as long as they lov'em...I'll keep'em.

P.S. And is it wrong to let your 6 year old eat Cool Whip with caramel sauce for dinner?...I'm such a loser mom...lol.


  1. OMG, Andrea, your truck is SO PERFECT! It's absolutely gorgeous and I'm really loving the colour - a perfect shabby white that goes with everything! LOVE your photo with Jeanne's ruffle tote bag - sheer perfection, Andrea!

  2. Not blah looking at all - it's the most beautiful elegant truck, in such a great colour, and I'd be so proud to have it parked outside. Lucky you.

  3. Oh, girl...I am sooooo jealous! I would love to be tooling around town in a truck like that! I think you need your logo on the side, too. Do your boys have any idea what a cool mom they have?? And Dad for that matter...for encouraging mom's dreams?! Lucky girl! Enjoy Stella...and if you decide someday to part with her, you know who to call. We don't live that far away from each other! ;o) ~mary~

  4. OH I love her she looks perfect to me!! The new trend is to leave the rust or they make it look like rust and then they redo the engines, interior and such but they leave the old look on the outside, I'm not sure what they are called, their is a name for them, but I love them, I saw one at a car show and it was so cool!

  5. I'm lovin' that truck, she's got great style, and love the color too!
    Love your budding decorators as well, don't you know things look better grouped together? :) Well, most things anyway!

  6. Andrea, your Stella is GORGEOUS!!! oh my, she looks perfect to me too...and she makes a real statement as your new banner!!! the ruffled bag is a beautiful accessory too:)
    the picture of your boys mad skill on the tree is precious, i remember those days...and i miss them sometimes...

  7. The only thing you forgot... I want to see a picture with YOU behind the wheel...just seems like a must see!

    Love the truck!

    Cool Whip and caramel sauce! Could be a new trend. My daughter had pancakes for dinner...and she had to make them herself!!! Bad mom award...LOL.

  8. that truck is AMAZING! I love that tote, i thik i may need one and how adorable is your tree!? your sounds lik such a fun mom!

  9. Oh my stars Andrea!!! I love your Stella and her brand new bag :) MY daughter said she is one bad biatch sorry...that is her way of sayin Stella is HOT! lol I don't know who drooled more over her, my daughter, my husband or me :) I think you are an amazing mama! I couldn't fight the urge to "redo" our tree when my girls did it alone after they went to bed, but some how the lil one ALWAYS knew when I had moved her beautys :) And trust me I would get an ear full :) they have gotten much better at it, there is hope :) did I mention one is 19 and the other will be 14 lol hey I didn't say it was a quick fix :) And last but not least...If you find a lil basket on your doorstop...tis only Lola, love her well ;) and your new banner is bangin :) i love it! Besos, Rose

  10. Stella is A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!!!!!! What a cool picture with the ruffle tote (that I adore) hanging on the truck!!

    Your tree is beautiful too Andrea!

    Oh, and we've had cookies for dinner before :)

    :) T

  11. I love her Andrea!! And that first photos is perfect...i love all your car talk too cute!! What a lovely present..!! And your tree is gorgeous, we still haven't gotten our tree yet and it is raining today.. :( oh well, we still have time! And, no you are not a bad mommy at all, sometimes you just got to have a little bit of fun!

  12. STELLA ROCKS!!!! LOVE THE BANNER:))) Sorry for shouting but this is soooo cool. My husband actually has a "Stella" that is Okra Green and I put a Christmas tree in the back of the bed a few years ago and took a family photo. Also love the name "Stella" my Mama was Stella Mae;))

    Raised In Cotton

  13. I am sooo jealous of your new truck. I am always telling my husband I need one for antiquing and he thinks I am on crack!!! Stella is making my ruffle tote look pretty darn good!!!

  14. Stella is perfect and every girl needs the perfect bag! Love your new header. If you only new what I have fed my kids...Your tree is perfect! I gave my little ones their own tree and they have had a blast decorating it over and over and...

    Best wishes,

  15. Stella is Awesome! Love those wheels of hers!! Congratulations! She's a Beaut! The tote is very pretty too!

    The kids did a great job on the tree! :)

    Your a Great Mom! Your way up there with Bill Cosby & Chocolate Cake for Breakfast!

    Blessings ~ Teresa

  16. oooh, Andrea,

    That is one FINE lookin' truck. And I agree with the other posters who want to see a pic of you behind the wheel.

    You're tree is perfect, and I admire your ability to resist "fixing" it. Looks like your little one has inherited your eye for design impact. Give her time - she'll learn how to use it for good, not bad or ugly. ;)



  17. love your Stella - so jealous - but in a good way ;)

    it's the perfect color too!!

    no - cool whip & caramel sauce for dinner isn't bad - but it would have been a whole lot better if it were cool whip & chocolate sauce.

    Hope you have a wonderful week.

  18. Oh , I love that truck! We use to have a "Stella " too , but she wasn't that perfect shade of white. Yours is a Keeper.
    Merry Christmas!

  19. Okay I am in parts class listening to my instructor tell a world war 2 story so I had to take a little peak:) Love Stella. How much fun!!
    Tree is fab and I too have to keep myself from fixing my childrens handy work:) And I think room service may be able to bring me cool whip and carmel for dinner. Sounds excellent;)

  20. Pure joy! your truck is smoking cutE!!! oh my goodness and look at your tree... i wanted t put mine in an old pot but i couldn't find one big enough.... yours is darling!!! you are not a looser mom... we all have the moments when treats for dinner is a very good idea !

  21. Stella is gorgeous and I adore your tree.

    Leeann x

  22. Our farm truck isn't half as cute, I have a serious case of truck envy!

    Your tree looks familiar, tho. My little one just decorated a tree in a very similar way. Clusters are big in the kid crowd!

  23. Love the clustered ornaments. LOL Why do kids love that so much? It's one of those cute things we'll miss when they grow up.
    Stella is very cool....and very "you". Love that!

  24. Great ride!!! I love that it is white too. It is perfect for packing lots of treasures in it. Have fun!
    Blog: The Capers of the vintage vixens

  25. Eeeeek!!! SO SO cute Andrea!!! I LOVE the ruffle tote on the door handle. hehehe.

    Love your tree!!
    xo Heather

  26. You lucky lucky girl. I want that truck. It's a dream of mine for real. You are such a good mama to resist the urge to fix the tree. And I love the tote too. Love it all.



  27. Gotta love the truck! It says it all, I wish I looked as awesome as she does! Vintage ages well. I had to laugh about the power under the hood. My husband has a "sleeper" car. When he pulls upside young guys that want to jaz the motor and see who gets off the start at a red light, they are shocked when he smokes them with his unsuspecting El Camino. He has gotten many thumbs up from muscle cars that thought they could rip by him....you just never know....

  28. can i just say this nicely.
    you suck.
    i am so jealous...so insanly jealous that i need....
    read that again..
    a stella!!!

  29. stella's our kinda "gal!" woweee.

  30. I sooo love your BOSS WHEELS! I have a truck too, not quite as cute however. Mine was given to me by my son when he left for college, Ford F150 No Fear Edition. I love girls with trucks and girls with dogs in trucks are even more cool.


  31. WOW!

    She's a beauty, how fun that must be and I love that it is white! :-)

    Happy New Year, looking forward to following.

    P.S. That white tote on your header picture, sooooooo cute!!!! Where can I get it ;-)