11 December 2009

Guest Bathroom....Check

It's finished.....well.....at least for now.....because we all know.....a room is never really done.

You'll notice....that I like things a little sparse....I tend to leave the walls rather empty....I like the feeling of open space.

Love this dresser....it was aqua when we bought it....it now wears a beautiful shade of gray....

as does the antique tub.

Our little jars of guest essentials.

Love this tiered basket....love old jars too.

And this is where it all began...
This is how the bathroom looked before we moved in....

Pink walls....

Pink tub....

Pink flowers....

and gold accents....

Not quite my taste....

Something had to be done....

And it is....done!

Guest bathroom....check.

Now I'm tackling my office and family room....

Photos of those rooms to come.


  1. LOVE it!!! Wow I love the dresser, that is so awesome. I t loks great andrea. You always have amazing photos as well.

  2. Oh well done. The basin in the dresser gives it such a lovely French boudoir look. And I love your new header, in fact it's my current Top Header of All Time.

  3. Oh my gosh, now Stellas is on the header ~ swoon! I love her so much. Is that weird?? Am I really coveting another bloggers old truck?? Oh well, thats how I roll. LOVE LOVE LOVE the bathroom. I have been tossing around the idea of a sideboard in my bathroom for the vanity. You photos are giving me the itch to hop over to Craigslist right this minute and see what I can find! Gotta go... ~mary~

  4. Love all the white...so serene.

    That two tiered basket is to die for.

    Great job...can't wait to see more.


  5. I love that we both had a bathroom redo moment.
    out with the old..and in with a better old;-)
    p.s. I think i am going to come visit you just so i can get a pic of me riding in your truck

  6. Andrea!!!! your bathroom looks AMAZING!! seriously, I love the colors, I love the black mirror (prrrr), the tub (awesome) and all the little touches are just perfect...when can I come and visit?

  7. love the remodel! IT turned out terrific!
    xoxo, Tiffany

  8. I LOVE it!!!!! I have been wanting to do the same thing w/ a dresser/sink combo & you totally gave me motivation to do it....ok well maybe after Christmas! :)

    I love the sparse simple look too. It just looks so fresh & clear. Uncluttered rooms make uncluttered minds...don't you think?

    AND I love Stella.....seriously.


  9. Can you come redo my bathroom just like yours?!!!!! All the work, hours was completely 100% worth it... it's stunning.... i am so determined to get grey somewhere in my house.... right now I'm wearing it just about everyday! :)

  10. wow...it was worth the wait...so so lovely my friend. I love your new header...went to check out to see if you had any of those sweet bags for sale in your store...I soooooo want one! boo hoo...you don't sell them.

  11. Simply beautiful, Andrea. I think the transformation is fantastic!

  12. it looks GORGEOUS!!

    i love you new header

    i feel the sudden urge to join the team & paint my bathroom gray.
    or is it grey?
    did we ever decide?


  13. Your bathroom looks so pretty! I love the dresser and have always wanted to do the same in my bath. The wicker tiered basket looks so good and I love the little jars with the necessities!

  14. wow!!! that really looks gorgeous now!!!

  15. I love love Stella - and the bath.
    It's perfect - you have quite the touch. I have the same tub you do and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Looking forward to your pictures of your family room and office. Hope you are enjoying this crazy time of year.

  16. Love it! WOWZERS that was a lot of pink. That chest is perfect. I am loving the gray in a whole new way nowadays:)

  17. That is one beautiful job! Absoulutely fabulous!

  18. The bathroom looks gorgeous! I love it! So Beautiful!


  19. Very nice! What a great job!!
    You are good at this. I also just love your Christmas tree...and my children like to hang the ornaments all together too!



  20. Very nice. This is exactly the dresser I am looking for my master suite.....

  21. Andrea, your bathroom is perfection! I think the mirror and dresser/vanity are my favorite part. But I also love the baskets and the tub and...

    Best wishes,

  22. soooo pretty! love the dresser and mirror! Bravo, well done. It must feel fabulous to have it done.

  23. Wow!! This is just gorgeous! What a beautiful transformation you've done. You did a fabulous job!! I just adore your style.

  24. Could you tell us what color gray?
    Or is it a personal mix?

  25. your "sparse" or open look is exactly what I like. Its more relaxing, more serene to have an uncluttered environment. I love the shabby chic look, but I mean the original look from way back when it started, not the excess doilies-roses-china and pink everything look, or all that new stuff distressed to look old...better to have a few thoughtfully selected items than a room full of lacy junk - you have perfected the minimal look I love.