28 December 2009

A Christmas Mess

I thought I'd start this post with a pretty photo....

of the bathroom that I just finished re-doing 1 week ago....

and follow it with photos of what happend on Christmas morning.

We woke up to a Christmas mess....frozen pipes....that had burst. This is only one bathroom....I didn't take a photo of the bathroom on the main floor...as that too has a hole in the wall and our cabinets. We were without water for Christmas and 1/2 of the next day....that means no flushing toilets...yuck!

Oh....and did I mention we were in the middle of a huge snow storm....so no getting out to go buy some water {*note to self* always have emergency water in the house}....but all and all it wasn't too bad. The plumbing is now fixed....and all is good.

And I thought I'd end this post with another pretty photo....our goats playing in the snow. We had 15 inches of snow in the past couple days....plus the foot that dropped a couple weeks ago....plus 6 foot snow drifts....let me tell ya....there's a lot of snow....but as long as the goats have their little path...they're happy as can be....just playin' in the snow.


  1. Love the goats! They can be happy just about anywhere, can't they? Sorry to hear about your pipes...we had a wicked ice storm here in IL on Xmas eve. My poor sister lost power when the ice took down her lines. She was without for 4 days! Good thing I live next door! A cozy house and a warm bed were Xmas gift enough for her! ;o) Hope you had a wonderful Christmas...other than the no-flushing-toilets-thing. ~mary~

  2. So sorry about the frozen pipes and no water. I think we go through things like that sometimes to make us appreciate the "luxuries" that we do have.

    I can't even imagine that much snow. I live in TN; enough said. I'm sure it's frustrating, but it sure looks beautiful from here.

    God bless.

  3. I am so sorry tohear about your frozen pipes...and after you just finished fixing up your bathroom. Your hind site note to self has me thinking. We should be sure we are prepared as well. I may just do a post on prapredness for times just like these.
    Glad to hear the plumbing is fixed and all is well.
    The pick of the goats is too sweet.

  4. Ah....life is always full of the unexpected! Glad it all worked out in the end...thanks for sharing the pics of those happy frolicking goats...brought a smile!

  5. oh no so sorry about the pipe bust!! Although your white christmas looked gorgeous!!!

  6. Not a good thing.... But you are safe and that is a good thing....

  7. Oh No!!! Dumb pipes:) I hate when things like that happen. Our kitchen pipes froze all last winter but didn't burst thankfully. The goats are just the cutest. We are expecting a Noreastern towards the end of the week...we'll see.
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  8. OMGoodness, what a mess. :( How sad. I will say that your first photo looked amazing as always!

  9. Oh how I sympathize. Our washer got stuck on rinse and flooded half the downstairs...but we were singing praises that we were home and noticed it pretty quickly! Also, our Christmas company wasn't arriving until the next day.

    Love the first photo... And the goats!


  10. Such sweet goats! As for your plumbing catastrophe, wanted to mention that that's what started this entire home remodel almost two years ago. We have some sort of mineral in our soil that eats away at our underground pipes. After the carpets were taken up and discarded (water sprang through the concrete!), we discovered that within a six foot area, there had been five other times the concrete had been jackhammered! Oh my! But we have a remodeled house now, and hoping for the best. Yep, keep spare water handy as well as flashlights and batteries, I've learned!

  11. OMG that's terrible!!! So sorry you had to go thru that - yikes! My sister had something similar happen to her the week before Christmas and her entire basement was affected...

    I hope all is well again with your pretty bathroom...and I do LOVE that picture of your goats :)

    Happy New Year Andrea!!!

    :) T

  12. wow....now that is a lot of snow. Your goats are adorable...hope all is back to normal. We have sunshine and no snow at all...that is the westcoast for you! I would like a wee bit of your snow. Stay cozy and warm my friend.

  13. I'm so sorry for your misfortune on Christmas day! I remember one Christmas we were at relatives and his pump went out and it was freezing cold out and the pump was below lot's of water! The guys were frozen solid and dinner was a mess but all in all we had quite the story to tell. Here's to warm houses! Pearl

  14. So sorry to hear about the Christmas Day mess. You were fortunate to get everything fixed so quickly. Your makeovers are lovely and the goats are a hoot! Love Stella -- she is a beauty and I'm not normally a lover of anything automotive except that they gets me from point a to point b. Have fun with all the redos and have a great day! :) Tammy

  15. Oh my I can't believe that happened! Hope your Christmas was great otherwise. Those goats are hilarious!

    All the best,

  16. Well, if these things are going to happen, they'll happen at Christmas when everything is closed and snow is all around. So sorry you had to wake up to all that, especially in your new bathroom. Hope you managed to have an enjoyable Christmas anyway. xx

  17. Some Christmas years from now - you will look back on this and laugh!!!!
    Glad everything is fixed-
    love your goats and the snow
    it is finally cold here in florida
    39 degrees last night - yippee

  18. oh goodness that doesn't sound fun at all, but I am glad all is well now...and that you have some happy goats...I love that photo and their little path of happiness! Happy New Year!

  19. Oh no!! Things like that only happen to me on holidays or when I have lots of houseguests. Or both. We had frozen and burst pipes one Christmas with 7 people staying with us.

    I hope that none of your gorgeous redos were too terrible ruined? Good luck getting it all back to normal, things were looking so pretty with your remodeling!

  20. Andrea, what a Christmas memory! The photos are beautiful (except the plumbing - yikes!) escpecially the snowfall, oh how I miss snow falls like that!

    Best wishes & Happy New Year!

  21. Well, that's quite a way to end a year (decade) I tell ya! Bursting pipes, no water, and all that *snow*... Glad it's all straightened out now.

    Happy New Year,



  22. Andrea amor, sorry to hear about your frozen pipes, I promise I will not complain about our cold Calif. winters anymore :) I hope your new bathroom remodel wasn't affected, it looked wonderful, the goats are adorbale though, my husband wants to get one, he insists it is better than him mowing the lawn :) I hope you have a wonderful New Year filled with lots of love, laughter and all good things in life and business in 2010! Besos, Rose

  23. Oh! So sorry to hear about your frozen pipes. Not fun.

    I'm glad you survived...your goats definitely look happy!

    The new items in your store look fabulous!