30 November 2009

This and That

Like the title says....this post is a little bit about this and that....so, here we go....

New items are in the shop....some of which were hard to let go of....and there's a little sale on the horizon....starting on Dec. 3rd....I'll post about that tomorrow.

And I started thinking...I don't believe I've ever showed you our sweet pups....so I'd like to introduce you to Oliver (above). He's our terrier mix and he's the old man on the farm...look at those eyes....love this guy....

and this is Sophie our white german sherpard.

Look at that face...sweet as apple pie....at least to us....you see....she's overly protective. Poor mailman had to get out his pepper spray one time...hence the new white picket fenced in yard.

We've now finished playing with dirt...and are now onto playing with rocks. We're installing (well I don't mean us literally) a granite wall on our property...love how this is coming along.

And last week was my 38th birthday....and my husbands 42nd birthday.

For his birthday I gave him a Blu-Ray player he had been wanting...and for mine....he gave me a beautiful red rose. Now, it may seem to some of you...all he got you was a red rose...well, that's all I needed...you see...he spoils me all year.


Yesterday, he was online looking through Ebay, and found something that I have been wanting for at least 8 years...I even had a photogragh of one of them on your fridge for years....

A 1949 Ford truck....

And guess what...

We're going to go pick it up today (it's only 30 miles from us)....

I'm truly the luckiest girl....

He makes me feel like it's my birhtday everyday....


  1. Love the new shop stuff (we have such similar taste!). Your pups are sweeties! Our first golden was a good watch dog, our 2nd guy, not so much, except he really didn't like our UPS guy - it was kind of funny! Happy Birthday - sounds like a dream come true with the rose (I love how romantic that is) and now the truck!! How fun is that??

  2. Happy B-day to you and your sweet hubby! Can't wait to see pics of that truck! Your sweet little pups are so cute! Now I need to go and check out the new things in your shop!


  3. I love those cutie pie dogs of yours!! And a truck oh my gosh Andrea. Good for you and happy birthday!! I am to the shop now while I should be working;)

  4. Andrea, i am so happy for you...what a great birthday present...what a great hubby...and the cutest fur babies too...i can't even tell you how much i want that dolly...she is so sweet!!! i hope someone gives her a very good home!!!

  5. Well this post is chuck full of excitement! First of all, happy belated birthday to you and your hubby!!! I can't wait to see pics of your vintage truck...seriously cool! And your new items are lovely! Oh, I almost forgot, your sweet dogs are adorable too :)

    :) T

  6. Andrea amor, Happy belated Birthday to you and your hubby! My stars your still a bebe :)I think you guys remind me so much of my hubs and me :) My mr wonderful is generous to me all year too, sometimes makes me feel so guilty...but just for a lil bit :) Wonderful gifts you guys got each other...and that truck wow, you lucky duck! So tell me...are you gonna paint it pink? :) just a thought...I love old trucks too, I think they are the best and just beautiful. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Gonna go look at your shops new goodies...Besos, Rose

  7. I forgot one more thing...your dogs are so adorable, Oliver, just has the cutest lil face and Sofie is just lovely, I had never seen a white german shepard before, I know when my girls see her, they will want one too :) Besos, Rose

  8. Happy belated birthday!!! yippee, what a wonderful gift.. I have always wanted an old truck too, but I think I am on to an old VW bus now..being we are so close to the beach! Your pups are adorable...what wonderful things going on in your neck of the woods!! happy day!

  9. Oh lucky you with the new truck, and happy birthday from someone of very nearly the same age, and finally I always mean to say that I think your photos are great.

  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! That is SOO sweet of your husband! I cannot wait to see it! Your pups are adorable

  11. Hi Andrea,
    I love your sweet pups. We had a white german shepard named Lacy and she was the same way. Very protective but the sweetest family dog we ever had. I miss her to this day.
    You lucky girl...I've always wanted an old truck for the farm.

  12. Happy Birthday to you and your thoughtful hubby, Andrea. I can't wait to see pictures of your new truck, even better, one with you in the driver's seat! p.s. your dogs are so cute!

  13. Happy birthday - can't believe you have wanted an old ford truck too -
    i would die for one to use in my photos - as a prop and to drive -
    and have been checking ebay too - none have been close enough to "Pick up only" -
    please post pictures of your truck
    I can't wait to see it

  14. Happy Birthday, and plz post a pic of you IN the red truck!

    Can't wait to see it!


  15. Happy Birthday my dear friend. Your pups are charming...I am in love with them both. But then I am a doggie lover! I will post Rosie our black lab one day. I got the lovely stockings in the mail...they are so so lovely!!! Thank you so much...happy dance. Today is my day off so I am so going to try to do a wee bit of decorating...we will see how much I get done. Happy December.

  16. well happy birthday girlie
    & congrats on the truck
    HOW FUN!!
    i'm sure you'll have some great photoshoots for us

    the doggies are absolutley adorable too

  17. Your dogs are so sweet Andrea & I love their names ♥