17 November 2009

Bella Goods

This is the Old Market in downtown Omaha....home to this years Silver Bella.

And here are some of the Bella goods I brought home this year...

A beautiful tin crown and oil lamp bottle from the wonderful Carol at Raised in Cotton, a great fabric measuring tape from French General {I attached it to the front of my worktable} and a gorgeous ruffle tote from the cute as a button Jeanne from A Bushel and a Peck.

Below is Carol's space...I always love seeing her displays...

and that's it....because of course....wouldn't you know....

that I forgot to charge my camera battery...

Oh well....

There's always next year.


  1. ohhh, you got some great goodies! love Jeanne!! I am so bad about charging my camera battery too, I broke down and bought two more just in case! ;)

  2. How funny we both have that measuring tape secured to our work tables! I love French General. The store is amazing I could stay and look for hours:) And when I went I went just for the measuring tape but ended up with so many other things! Love the crown too. I have to go next year for sure!!!

  3. oh, i hear you...my camera batteries are always dead too...i love all the goodies you found at SB!!!

  4. Hey Andrea!

    I am so glad you had a good time. You got some great stuff! I love that tape measure and of course the ruffle tote...I own one! :)


  5. Oh i have to say i am jealous! what a wonderful time you had not to mention the goodies you brought home!!

  6. oooooh everything is so wonderful...you lucky girl. Please come visit me I have my first ever giveaway and you have been with me since day one ...I would not want you to miss it my sweet friend. xoxoxo

  7. Well you got quite a few great pics in!! I have that same crown! And that ruffle tote from Jeanne is one of my favs...you must of had so much fun shopping with all of those great vendors!!

    :) T

  8. what a bummer! those darn cameras!

    love the pictures you got though!
    I am in love with that measuring tape! You must have had a blast...next year can I be a stowaway?

    This might make you feel better....went to 2 assemblies last week for my girls at 2 different schools. Took both the video cam & the regular cam. Video cam battery died 5 minutes into first assembly....reg camera died 5 minutes into 2nd assembly....argh... :)


  9. I love what you got at SB, Andrea. Of course that ruffle tote is just perfect, isn't it?!! (That's how I met Adrienne, The Flying Bee at the Texas flea market - we were both toting Jeanne's gorgeous bag!)

  10. Andrea,
    I am so jealous! Someday I will make it to the event!!! Love your goodies.

    I can't wait to get my package from you. Hopefully today!!!

    Best wishes,

  11. Andrea, you always take such intriguing photos. I see them, and want to dive into the piles of treasures there! :)


  12. Hey Sweet Andrea:) It was soooo fun to talk with you at Silver Bella:) As a matter fact, I could have talked with you all evening. I think we are true kindred spirits:)) Thank You so much for your darling words and purchasing the Jeanne d Arc Lamp. Hope to see you at Miss Frenchies in a couple of weeks:)


  13. So, so beautiful. I wish that I could have made it to Silver Bella this year...

  14. I went to a wedding in this venue a couple of years ago. It is gorgeous and warehouse-y and perfect. :)
    I just found your blog and our blog headers are scarily similar! Love dried hydrangeas. And love your blog.

  15. Looks like so much fun! Thanks for linking to what you purchased. Looks fabulous! :)

  16. I'm so disappointed that we didn't get to chat at Silver BElla. It felt really rushed for me on vendor night for some reason. ANd we headed out to get dinner since the buffet was gone in seconds. Would have loved to have had a minute to meet you and say hello!