14 August 2009

Fall Fashion


Today is the first day of school....and with that....I know that fall is just around the corner. It's one of my favorite times of the year.....I especially like the fact that I can dress in layers....I love dressing in layers. So with that, I decided to design a new outfit for myself here....I love how it turned out. I know some of you are looking at those Chuck Taylor's and thinking...why would you ruin that outfit with those....well, I gotta tell you....I love me some Chuck Taylor....they're the shoes your most likely to find me in.....any time of year.

I'm off to play some more with my outfit....have a great weekend!


  1. Andrea, LOVE your design and the shoes - PERFECT! I love to dress in layers too, unfortunately I am in Florida and I don't get to very often, sigh... Have a great weekend!

    Best wishes,

  2. Love this and the shoes..well a perfect fit!!!

  3. Well first off--the Chuck Taylors are the perfect funky choice and they get my vote. Second--like Tammy I live in FL as well and we are a bit challenged in the layering dept. with 90 degree temps for way too much of the year. Have fun with your fashion!


  4. UGH... I'm the THIRD Floridian to post and boy do I have to agree... I see all the new Fall things coming out (already!) and I just get depressed knowing that we won't have weather suited for any of those clothes until... JANUARY! :)

    I don't know about Sweetpeat or Tammy but I go ahead and try my best to wear the Fall clothes anyway -- even with perfect strangers asking "Aren't you hot?"
    To which I would like to reply "Aren't you sick of that tank top and flip flops???" Geesh...

    Well m'dear -- happy Fall. Send me some Autumn leaves if you get them there! Maybe I can trade you some tank tops, flip flops and palm fronds for them! :)

    BTW ... LOVE my package I got from you today!!
    As always!



  5. Love it all (especially the Chuck Taylors) - from someone who spent her whole summer in Target $2.99 flip flops!

  6. Nothing wrong with those Chuck Taylors - they are part of your own personal STYLE, Andrea, what maks you special. And judging from your outfit, you've got great style - love it!

  7. Hello! First time visiting your blog. Love it. That is a great outfit and I think the Chuck Taylors are perfect.

  8. I adore all of those items..great taste my dear!!! School is in so soon?...we have 3 weeks to go! I do love the Fall...I am ready for it! Please send me over the pink bag...oh and grey coat...xoxoxo

  9. Loving the outfit! I have to agree with the other girls. Living in the south, it's so rare that I ever get to wear my coats! And I think I actually wear my flip flops year round!

    Can't wait to get my tags!


  10. Well you must be popular in Florida, cause now I'm the 4th Floridian to comment, that is so funny! I love the shoes and I wish I could layer too but I still love looking at outfits put together like that and dreaming about wearing them, I guess the only thing we can't where here in S. Fl. right now would be the jacket(; I had fun!!

  11. I would wear that entire outfit...
    it made me smile so much!
    Love that website too.


  12. Beautiful colors! I love Chucks, too =)

  13. Love the addition of the Chucks!