15 July 2009

Ordinary Objects

Lately, I've been wanting to fix up my ordinary objects to reflect my style a bit more. I had lots of totes lying around...some plain and some with logos I really didn't care for...so I thought I might cover the ugly logos with scrap fabric. The tote above is covered in a paisley fabric that I just tore and left the edges raw...a little bit of fabric glue...and there you have it.

This ruffle tote is made with your basic plain tote that I embellished with pre-made white cotton ruffles and some velvet ribbon. Again, a bit of fabric glue, an aged tag and lace and your done. {inspiration courtesy of this amazing blogger}

Now this idea came from this wonderful book. I reference this book all the time and have really enjoyed making the transition to cleaning my home with more eco-friendly and natural products.

These are just your run of the mill everyday plastic hangers that I covered in torn white muslin. At first, I thought covering the hangers would just make my closet look nicer...but in fact...with the hangers covered, our clothes hang better and don't slip off...perfect for tank tops.

What are you doing to change your ordinary objects to reflect your style?


  1. Love the ruffled bag Andrea!! Lately I haven't had the time to do anything, but it seems when I do something i never like it, why is that..someone could do something similar and I love it, but when I try, pluk, I hate it! Did I mention I love the ruffled bag?

  2. Oh my! I love the ruffled bag too! Oh my goodness it's wonderful. Okay the hangers! are too cute....now I want to cry cause I want more time to do more things! Can you hear me crying? it's getting louder! maybe I should make a latte to feel better!
    Now you gave me the eneregy push I needed to get moving again... big thanks!

  3. I adore your patch idea for totes with logos. Just perfect, because I don't like to throw things out or get rid of them, and this is the perfect fix for a tote with a logo. The ruffle idea is great, too!

  4. Andrea, I love both bags especially the ruffled one :) The hangers~ great idea, cept I gave all mine away to make room for those really thin velvety ones that I can now hang soo much more stuff in my closet with lol But I think metal ones would look pretty like that too. Thank you for sharing all your great ideas, I am still working on some of my own, hope to show them soon :) Oh one more thing, are you going to join in that Show or Share Your Creative Space blog party? I love seeing where everyone creates, it inspires me :)Dawn sent me the link, incase you don't have it. Take care, Rose

  5. Love the ruffled bag and the hangers. Thanks for sharing these fab ideas.


  6. You can take ANYTHING and make it stunning!!!

  7. I am so so into totes lately...must be Summer...i love the ruffle idea...i saw the ones made on everyday beauty blog and have been wanting to make those but you took the idea one step beyond...amazingly cute...I just went to the fabric store yesterday and got a bunch of yummy fabrics for some totes my daughter is going to make me using vintage dolies{sp?}...great minds think a like!
    Thanks for the inspriration today!

  8. andrea, your totes are beautiful!! I love them both so much... and cute cute idea with the hangers!


  9. You and your talent are amazing!! :)


  10. Andrea,

    Wow. Everything looks so great. The ruffled bag is my favorite. Thanks for the great ideas and inspiration.
    I hope you are enjoying your summer.

  11. Love the hanger idea - I'm so tired of picking clothes up off the closet floor!

    As for reflecting my own style, I can't leave ANYTHING alone. :) Remember my recent hat post?


  12. Wonderful ideas!
    My parcel arrived this morning Andrea ~ Thank you so much ♥

  13. Beautiful totes and hangers! I love all those layers of ruffles you used!
    I'm looking so forward to seeing you at Silver Bella!

  14. Very sweet love the ruffled bag and the hangers. Sandi

  15. Hi Andrea....I love those bags....and the hangers are a cute idea too! I am definitely going to have to get that book and do better...I am so lazy about things sometimes. Thanks for a much-needed kick in the beehind! :)

    Pink hugs,

  16. I know our other alter ego (Andrea) has some great ideas!!! The totes are too cute. Love the patchwork idea.

  17. Love the totes, much more fn than a purse. Your idea about covering the logo is great, and the ruffles, I think I'm going to try my hand at one too.

    Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault