22 July 2009

New Goods

Just added some new goods to the shop....let's see here....

some new goods to our Linens....

some to our Farmhouse Goods....

and some to our Vintage Goods.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. i love the fleur de lis hanger thingies...they are lovely!!!

  2. Love your new products and the new look! Good luck with everything and the house too! Hope you get the one your itching for!

  3. Your new look is ABSOLUTELY incredible!!!! I'm lovimg it!! It's not even like the same store (though you KNOW I loved the old one, too!).



  4. All of your products are charming!!

  5. Wonderful new things you've added to your shoppe, Andrea. I particularly like the fleur de lis hooks.

  6. Gorgeous Andrea! I love your photos, they are just amazing, plain and simple!! And as I am wrirting this I am looking to the right and there is your list of things you love and...well I love most all of those too! HA! how did we not know each other when you lived in CA? I think we would have become fast friends! :)

  7. OH my gosh - I LOVE the new goodies Andrea!! Do you know I come visit your website several times a week and just DROOL? I Love everything about it - the design, merchandise, and the fabulous gal behind it all! Hugs, Sherri