15 June 2009

I'm Painting.....What The!!!

Ok, so I've never painted a painting before...but was inspired by her to try, after seeing this...too cute , huh!

So anyways, I wrote a post about this embroidery I did...that I love...and thought that I'd try to re-create it into a painting.

Now mind you, I didn't even have the right kinds of paints...only craft paint...and in only 6 colors...luckily they were just the right colors. So I put paintbrush to canvas....and this is what I came up with.

My Lil' Boy Bleu painting.

I think it's not too shabby condsidering it's my first try at this. Now I'm just aching to get some "real" paints to try my hand at another one.

I also wanted to mention that I'm almost at 150 posts....so I feel a giveaway coming soon. Stay tuned, cuz I think I'll probably hit post 150 this week....WhoooHooo!


  1. This was your first try!! amazing...run out right now and get some real paints cause girl you have some major talent! :)

  2. Adorable! I love that you just decided to do it (and it's fabulous) - I would love to try painting, but I psych myself out when I think about it. You should go get some real paints and keep going!!

  3. ohmygosh!!! that is so darn cute:) you look like a painting pro!!!

  4. Andrea, your Lil' Boy Bleu is adorable! Thanks for the nice comments on my blog and adding me to your list of Blogs That Inspire!

    Best wishes,

  5. I think it is great. I love folkart style painting anyway. Innocent, untrained, simple, lovely. Happy Monday.

  6. Fantastic job! Can't wait to see your next endeavor too.

  7. it looks amazing.
    great job.

  8. Great painting, Andrea! I just love it! Holy cow, what are you going to do with real paints?!! Do you have a perfectly shabby frame for your new painting?

  9. WOW...hats off to you!! The painting is adorable...and first try...you artistic gal you!

  10. That is such a cute piece! The painting and needlework! My grandma has a painting of "blue boy" and "pinky." So fun!

    All the best,

  11. So cute Andrea! Can't wait to see more paintings from you...

  12. It's always fun to try something new - I think it stimulates all parts of the brain. Your little boy bleu is charming. Keep it going!

    And congrats on 150 posts - I think I'm nearly there too...


  13. I just love it! You are so multi-talented! :)

    Congrats on all your posts! Your blog is always fun to come to.

  14. She has inspired me too! I am going to make time this weekend to finally give it a go. Yours turned out wonderful!!!