22 June 2009

Etsy Love

I love shopping Etsy.....and thought I'd share a couple of new favorite Etsy shops with you.

I love these unbleached Unpaper Towels by Athena Creates. I love purchasing and supporting anyone who is trying to make a difference....and these little cloth wonders are doing just that. I have started using these instead of paper towels to clean up small messes and Spaghetti O's off little faces. Just rinse these suckers with some soapy water and hang to dry...they dry really fast...and are washable....love these!
This white cotton tape is so fun to play with. You can use it to tape up a note, photo, embellish a notebook. I used it to attach some old family photos to cardstock...looks so sweet, huh. You can find it here.

Now this is Japanese masking tape....and I love this stuff. It comes in tons of colors and styles and just makes everything look so cute.

You can write on it, make little flags, seal an envelope...and of course use it to hold your notes. You can find this Japanese tape and the cloth tape above at Nothing Elegant.

Ok...now go take a peek.


  1. I love etsy too...thank you for the tips ...that cloth tape looks amazing!!!!!

  2. Great finds! Gotta love Etsy...those towels look like something I should get! Thanks for sharing!

  3. On my way to check the stores out, Andrea. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh thanks for the suggestions :) Sound great.

    All the best,

  5. What DID we do before Etsy?? :)

    LOVE your new blog header, by the way!! Wow! :)


  6. delightful ideas! i'm very interested in the little white cloths!

  7. wonderful finds !!! so many great talented people out there. thanks for sharing :)

  8. great finds Andrea!!! i LOVE that tape...thanks for sharing!!!

  9. ohhh I love etsy too! what would we do without it??

    have a great weekend!! xoxo heather