24 April 2009

Lil' Tags

Have I told you how much I love to dye tags....

and stamp tags....

and scatter them about...

Well...I do.
I received many emails asking if I was going to add these tags to the shop...Okay...here they are.


  1. Andrea! Do you sell these? LOVE THEM! I'm the same way with tags. I have them all over my house, just hanging on things. Oh! When our house was on a local home tour, I had ladies asking if some of my things (like lamps, etc.) were for sale! I'd forgotten that I had all these hang tags on everything! No prices on them, of course, but just hanging on things for fun...silly me. :)

    I'll check the store to see if these are listed...


  2. Andrea! TWO things! I just placed an order for some tags, but none of them were the ones shown on this blog post. If any of these new ones are for sale, can yo let me know & maybe we'll add 'em to the order! ;)


    I added your blog to my awards blog -- so YOU have an award to claim! :)


  3. May be a dumb question - how do you dye them? I am setting up at an antique show and the tags I have always used are no longer available. You have inspired me to create something new. Are they ordinary tags with string you buy at Walmart? Would you mind emailing me> annw1953@gmail.com Thank you so much!

  4. your tags are delightful....
    i'd love some of those burlap sacs as well...i'll be back!

  5. Andrea,

    Of course, you already know how much I love your tags and everything in your shop.

    I'm still trying to figure out how to open an internet shop.

    Everyone seems to have the same question on their minds..."where and how"!!


  6. Andrea, love your blog! I love those tags!

  7. belle ballade sur ton blog!


  8. Wonderful place nd lovely items
    you have :-)

    Lovely regards from munich