27 April 2009

Come Meet The Family

It's been a while since I showed you our extended family....so here they are.
Eating breakfast.
The view from my office is of these cuties...Harley, Rico and Nico...they're fainting goats...wanna know why they call them fainting goats, you can check it out here.

These are "my girls" who lay the best eggs in town {that's the proud mom in me talking}. Oh...and that's Sammy one of our ducks...just eating a snack with her sisters.

Here's "our gang" which includes Sammy {aka Mother Goose} a Rouen duck {the brown one} and Scooter and Butterscotch {Runner ducks}. See how the light fawn colored ducks stand...they don't waddle like most ducks, they stand straight up and run, hence the name Runners.

And now I'd like to introduce you to two of our newset family members...Peanut and Bubba Jay... our baby turkey's.

Hope you liked meeting some of our exteneded family.

Talk to ya later peeps :o)


  1. Andrea,

    If that's not just the most cutest thing I've ever seen. They are all adorable.

    I love the names you give them all unique and special.

    Hope you having a good day.


  2. you must have the best office view ever...your family is adorable!!!

  3. oh Andrea....your family is lovely...i always wanted a few goats and chickens...those goats are crazy...i have never seen such a thing...whats up with them?? Do your goats do that too???
    Love the new babies...thank you for sharing these...now i can picture you looking out of your office window .

  4. Thank you for introducing your adorable family members. I like their names too! I watched the video about the goats. I never heard of them before your post. It was interesting to see.


  5. OMGOODNESS!! I Love your little farm family. I am a farm girl want-to-be. I dream of the day when little goats faint in my meadow...until then I will visit you...often!

    Warm wishes,
    Karen Eileen

  6. Fabulous family, Andrea. Love those sweet little baby turkeys.

  7. Hi Andrea! Love the baby peeps! I got my package of lovely soaps from your shop and really, really love the soap. Smells heavenly, blogged about them in my bath re-do. I am certain that I will be ordering more ~

    Blessings ~ Eileen@Star's Fault

  8. oh my gosh.... andrea..... SOOOO cute. I love that you have all of these animals. We live in a very "suburban" area so I just adore these photos of your extended family. ;)))

    how cute are peanut and bubba???

  9. That looks like sooo much fun. I love the chickens and would love to have a little coop. I think my neighbors may frown upon the idea though;) Glad to hear I am not the only one with "little" quirks. I knew I had kindered sisters out there somewhere. We could go shopping together!! Purses are a remedy are for all that ails:) LOL Wait til you see what I need those burlap saks for it will make you laugh:)

  10. So charming Andrea! I hope to have an extended family like yours one day as well...if Renoir will let me ;) Your newest additions are so adorable!

  11. My kids would be in heaven...I would too!

  12. What fun! I'd heard of fainting goats recently and thought they are so interesting.

    My hubby and I have been talking about keeping chickens, now that our town has approved a new ordinance allowing them within city limits. Have to speak to our vet to get an idea of what's involved. We're in the midst of caring for a high maintenance dog, so we sure do hope they're easy!

    Thanks for sharing...


  13. What a lovely extended family, Andrea. I do think you need a Great Pyrenees to watch after those cute little Fainting Goats though!

  14. Hey Andrea,

    Thanks for the note about the chickens. I think we're going to do it... and we're thinking about keeping bees too. I wonder if the neighbors would mind? Maybe if I offer them fresh eggs and honey?

    Happy Sunday,