02 April 2009

Book Therapy

I love old books...

their ability to make a home cozy...

their patina...

their tattered pages...

their covers...

Old books can add so much charm to a home...their mellowed pages just add a warmth and coziness that only books of age can do. To me, looking at my bookshelves, full of old books always makes me wonder...the people who read these...the tears they've shed on their pages...the giggles that escaped as they read...the inspiration they spawned.



  1. I so agree with you Andrea. Wonderfully written post. Don't forget to stop by and enter my 100th post giveways.

    Hugs ~ Kris♥

  2. What a beautiful post, Andrea. Old book are wonderful and I love the way they smell too. I walk into my husband's office full of old books and there's just something about all that history that warms the heart.

  3. I love old books as well and have collected quite a few children books..old readers...etc...they sit in my bookshelf in my bedroom and my girls love to look through them...hope your day is going well!!!

  4. completely agree ;) we have quite a collection of old books here...and I can never pass them up when I find them for good prices!

  5. I have an addiction:-) I love, love old books. The look, feel and smell.