04 March 2009

Thrifty Treasures

If your anything like me...then you love a good deal. Recently, I came across some wonderful "thrifty treasures" that I thought I'd share with you.

I fell immediately in love with this huge ironstone pitcher...a bargin at $12.00.

This was a great find at the famous Rose Bowl Flea Market...a shabby white bench...another bargin at $10.00.

I found this beauty last weekend at a thrift shop for an amazing $25.00...love this!

A set of five old french watercolors...$12.00 for ALL of them, chippy frames included.

A couple days ago, I bought 37 french paperback books for a meer $11.50, that's only 31 cents each...was that a deal or what.

And these...lov'em...vintage seltzer bottles from England...they even have a stamp of approval from the Queen of England...how much you ask...$11.00 each.

Good deals can be found anywhere...thrift shops, auctions, estate dispersal shops, etc...just keep your eyes open...and you too can find a "thrifty treasure".



  1. Andrea! Loving the "finds" -- wish I could unearth treasures like those!
    So your dad reminds you of Tony Bennett?? How cool! You know what? I've always thought my dad reminded me like Louis Armstrong! He has that jolly, really upbeat, jazzy personality and always walked around the house whistling a tune or humming or singing one. He taught me to love the old standards and Louis Armstrong was one of his faves. Now he's one of mine...What a legacy!
    (((You need to sell that bench!)))

  2. Andrea,

    Boy oh boy you hit the "mother load"! I just love the bench. Really, I love everything!! You have such a wonderful eye for purchasing just the right kinds of things.


  3. I love great deals and you found some real treasures here!

  4. Love your beautiful finds. What great prices. I just love a bargin....

  5. Hi!

    Beautiful beautiful finds!
    Good deals makes me very happy, and as you say it really doesn´t matter if it´s thriftshops or auctions or flea markets...

    Have a wonderful day!

  6. Wow, Andrea, those are amazing deals for fabulous things! The white bench is gorgeous and a complete bargain!

  7. great treasures...i need to go out and about more often..thanks for the reminder...it is my day off tomorrow maybe i will go hunting!!!

  8. I love the French books! Wow those are some bargains!! It must be so much fun to treasure hunt:)

  9. Andrea,

    These finds are awesome. You really scored. I can't seem to find such wonderful items. I will keep searching. That is half of the fun!


    PS. Love the nests and the tags I bought recently. Thanks!

  10. Oh such great finds!!! How do you do that??;)

    I love the French watercolors and the bench...such fantastic deals too!!

  11. AMAZING finds! Love the seltzer bottles. They're beautiful. Love it when you can get a good deal!


  12. You really found some awesome treasures. My favorite, hmmmm all of them. The bench is perfect! The French books are fabulous! Love the cool white/blue pitcher. And I too love vintage typewriters and have one currently displayed in our home. The seltzer bottles are wonderful as well. Like I said, I just can't pick a favorite. The prices are incredible as well. Thanks for sharing your great finds.