11 March 2009

Springin' Up

With spring just over a week away, ivy plants are springn' up everywhere. Ivy plants are some of the best indoor plants to care for, as they don't require a lot of maintance. Just a clip here or there and a bit of water when their thirsty. They don't ask for a lot, but give a big punch to your interiors.

I decided to share some of the ways I pot my ivy plants at home. The plant above is potted in an old crock...perfect for the kitchen.

This one, is in an old ironstone soup tureen that was missing it's lid.

This little ivy is still planted in it's ugly "store" pot. I just wrapped it with jute ribbon and some muslin...no more ugly store pot.

Wanna another really inexpensive way to fancy up your ugly "store" pots...this one is in a large cleaned out can of tomato sauce. Wrap the can with some burlap and a touch of lace...cute, huh. It's also a great way to re-purpose something that would have otherwise ended up in landfills.

I also brought out some of my garden decor to add a touch of the outside...inside.

And finally, I replaced the inserts on my hutch with good ol' chicken wire...can't get much more outdoorsy than that. It also makes a great place to clip up some old photos.
What have you done to spring up your home?


  1. Hello from Germany! First time I visit your blog. Wonderful pictures!!!


  2. LOVE the chicken wire doors!!! i have been after mr hubby to do that to some of my cupboards...i am sending him over here to see this when he gets home from work...great ideas for displaying your ivy...i esp love the muslin/jute pot...very pretty!!!

  3. Hi Andrea,
    You make me want to run out and buy some ugly store bought pots full of ivy! You're ideas are lovely and I love they still keep their natural hues throughout your home. Your hutch is darling. You really added to my Spring fever with this post. Merci!

  4. I love the wrapping pots in muslin idea. Very cute. I just end up saving those ugly pots until my next trip to Goodwill.
    Oh my gosh!!!! I just noticed I am in your blogs that inspire!! Thank you sooo much that is so sweet!!!
    Have a great day and I hope Spring comes for you very soon:) Oh and the chicken wire....LOVE IT!!

  5. Great Ideas Andrea.

    Love your hutch and I see it is filled with lovely cream colored accessories.

    You have inspired me to change some of my things around!


  6. I love the idea of the muslin around the pot....what a great idea for gift giving.

  7. I really like all of your ideas. I love ivy plants too, but for some reason never have success with them. I can make my orchids bloom twice a year, but my ivy plants never last very long - any special tips, Andrea?

  8. ok...i think i may have to go out today and get an ivy...thanks so much for the ideas...i always wondered how to cover up those ugly pots the plants come in...oh i also love the chicken wire..i did that to one of my cupboards but never thought about hanging photos on it... love it xoxo

  9. What a pretty post! love all the pics! I wanted to replace the glass with chickenwire in my hutch....thanks for the picture...it's gonna happen now!

  10. Just read this at the French Cupboard and was gushing about it over there. Fabulous! Very French Farmhouse...love the burlap covering the planters and the chicken wire...I have an old door in my studio with chicken wire covering where the glass used to be and clipped up a lot of old cabinet cards on it too!