18 March 2009

Linens 101

With nice weather on the way...it's time to get out your stored linens and get ready for alfresco dining.

I love the look of rumpled linens...the less ironing the better.

An outdoor table set with beautiful creamy linens and white dishes has such a wonderful farmhouse feel.

Have some linens with stains...don't fret...using Rit dye can transform your old grungy linens into new refreshing linens with just a little soak. Maybe, you have some linens that are a little too bright and you want a more muted look...try Rit color remover. It helps fade out fabrics to give them a great vintage look. You can also try this old school method for removing stains...just lay your linen outside on the grass just before sunset and let the dew draw the stains out overnight. The next morning, the sun will finish the job by giving it a good bleaching.

See you outside!


  1. I love this post. It makes me want to take my linen closet apart and start "bringing some of that soon to be April freshness" into the house!


  2. I also love vintage linens. It is always nice to see other people using them. The Rit dye is a great idea. Great post.

  3. ohhhh..vintage linens are the best...easy to find and really still low in cost....i need to remember to display them more around my home..thanks so much for sharing!!!

  4. I also love vintage linen. Thanks for the tip on cleaning them.. I just went through my linens and was thinking I needed to clean them. My husband washed a couple in the washer and ruined them. I was so mad at him (hehe). They were a couple of my favorite too.

  5. Thanks for the great tip on stain removal, Andrea. I'm going to definitely try it!

  6. I am so with you on the rumpled, un-ironed linens!


  7. Andrea, thanks for the tips! I just receives a few pieces from my Grandma and wasn't sure how to refresh them.

  8. Lovely post - I am SO ready for warmer temps and cooler sheets. But, alas, with nighttime temps still in the upper 20's here, the flannel sheets remain in use.

    I will dream of warmer times to come...


  9. I love linens, too! The on the grass, overnight, sun bleaching really, really works. xo Joan

  10. I had a bunch of table mates yesterday diggin' your stuff at La Petite Maison. The little vintage paper kits I bought from you worked out perfect!! Thanks:)

  11. Andea, I just wanted to pop in and say a big THANK YOU for your sweet words on my blog today! I am so encouraged by the generosity of people in this community...

    Love your linens!! And yes, rumpled, unironed is so beautiful to me too! Your blog is always so fresh and inspiring!