23 March 2009

I Love Origins

I love Origins products...and thought I'd share with you...some of my favorties.

Above is a wonderful charcoal mask called Clear Improvment that I like to use once a week. You'll look like The Creature from the Black Lagoon when it's on, but afterwards you'll feel so refreshed.

I love this stuff so much...this is Modern Friction. It's a gommage, which in french means eraser. You put it on dry and rub it in and it acts kinda like a micro-dermabrasion. This works wonders!

This is my daily moisturizer. I love that it's light and not greasy or heavy feeling....and is smells good too.

This little tube of wonder is called A Perfect World Skin Gaurdian. Love this!

And lastly, above is a great facial scrub that I like to use in the shower. It's a great polisher for the skin.

All photos courtesy of Origins.


  1. Hi Andrea,

    I have a gingerbread scrub that my daughter gave me for Christmas last year. It smells yummy.

    They make great products!!

    Hugs ~ Kris

  2. It's funny how I have never tried Origins, even though I have heard about these products so many times. But after reading your posting I may end up trying these. Thank you for this!

    Have a nice week!


  3. Thanks for sharing...we never seem to have anything up here in Canada..i am not sure i can get any Origin product but i live 30mins from Bellingham Wash. and run down to shop for all the amazing goodies you have...i love your country!!!!!We really need a Target and a Trader Joes...two of my favs.

  4. oh, how I wish I could use lovely products like these. Unfortunately, thanks to perimenopause, I'm left with needing to use Proactiv. :(

    Enjoy - looks like you should be having a Spa Day.


  5. Love the idea of the dry-erase scrub! :)
    Like the commenter above, I haven't grown out my my "teenage" skin...sigh...But, I do like a good exfoliator even so. This calls for a trip to the mall!
    Thanks for that, friend! :)

  6. I've never tried anything of theirs before, but now I have a good reason to try something out.

  7. Hi Andreas,

    i also like the products vom Origins. The smell of the creams are really naturally and the selectet ingredients are beautiful.

    Thanks for showing your favorits!

    Have a great weekend