06 February 2009

You Know When You Meet Someone...

You know when you meet someone...who just gets you...well that's Kris. The other day I heard my mailman honk to let me know a package had arrived. I wasn't expecting anything, but to my surprise I had a package.

It was from my lovely friend Kris. I opened the box...and this is what I found. A gorgeous wooden cigar box filled to the rim with goodies. Kris just knows what I love!

It was filled with everything from beautiful fabric to lovely flowers.

All this was packed in the cigar box. I just kept uncovering more and more wonderful things. There's glitter, stamps, french stickers, ribbons, gorgeous fabric, tags, cards, beautiful pins, flowers and even a yummy sounding receipe (love that).

The funny thing is...I've never even "met" Kris. We've become fast friends through this wonderful thing called blogging. It's so amazing how people in different states, and countries, can find that certain someone...that just gets you.

Thank you Kris...from the bottom of my heart!

You might wanna take a peek at Kris' Etsy...it's just beautiful.


  1. What a wonderful surprise! Aren't blogging friends the absolute best? You are so right, I just took a peek at Kris' Etsy shop and it is now among my favorites. ♥

  2. what a wonderful bunch of goodness!!!