02 February 2009

Saturday's Stash

On Saturday we ventured into Iowa to see what we could find....

and we found a sweet little antique shop. They had so many little things to look at...and if you notice... that's just what I bought...little things. I found a gorgeous 1936 ribbon with a Mary medallion...love it! A sweet pink ribbon badge, lots of pearl necklaces to use in my craft room, some great vintage photos...I only bought 3...but I'm so going back to buy a bunch more...it's just that they were in the "rough room" and it was in the back of the shop with no heating, so my hands were frozen stiff and all I could muster up were these 3 photos. But they had hundreds to look through, so next time with gloves on hands, you can bet I'll be in a photo drunkeness when I'm done with that shop.

And I found these darling itsy bitsy vintage dice. After seeing a picture on Corey's blog of tiny dice (it's her banner now)...I knew I had to have some...and lo and behold...the little shop had some. WhoooHoo for me! You gotta love the little things!


  1. Love all of your finds! The little dice are so cute... I would Love to see your craft room. have you shown it before? I bet it is awesome!

    xo Heather

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for coming back for a visit! It was nice to see you.

    I love treasure hunting in shops. Looks like you got some great finds.

    Kate (shibori girl)

  3. Andrea,

    Looks like you really found a stash of goods! I love it! Where did you go in Iowa?


  4. Love your blog & shop! And yes, I confess to an "thing" for numbers -- and letters. And words. :)

  5. Hi Andrea,
    Little things are sometimes the very best. I love the dice!