09 February 2009

Old Paper Parcels

I added a couple old paper parcels to the shop today...but first I thought I'd share a couple of french postcards with you from my own personal collection.

You are welcome to copy and save these two images for you to use in your art.

And here are the paper parcels available today.

Above are 1906 Novel Parcels from a book entitled Aunt Jane's Nieces, who's author just happens to be L. Frank Baum, the author of The Wizard of Oz.

And these sweet ol' pages came from a 1892 dictionary. The patina on them is so yummy!

I hope you enjoy the postcard images...and if you happen to make something artsy with them... I'd love to see it.



  1. Andrea, your paper parcels look so pretty, i love how you tie them up just so!!!

  2. You do such beautiful work! I too, love the way you tied your parcels up.


  3. Oooo.. I just love your old papers! I've got to get some work done on my own website and stop messing around with this Cupboard stuff. It's not nearly as much fun as playing with all the pretty stuff ;) Blessings... Polly

  4. Just lovely! And so nicely packaged by you, as usual!

  5. Oh, very yummy! I love the dictionary pages in their French Blue ribbons. Makes me want to reach into my monitor and grab one. :-)


    BTW, are you familiar with Fete et Fleur's Blog? You and she seem like you'd have very similar tastes. Her link is in my blog roll if you are interested.

  6. LOVELY old postcards... love PARIS! Good to see you come by my Paris apartment for my party!
    ENJOY your week and good luck with sells!

  7. I love your postcards...wish you were selling those:-) I need to checkout your new items in the shop. I am having a huge giveaway...come on over.

  8. HI Andrea,

    How are you doing, girl? Your paper parcels look so pretty. You have such a nice touch!

  9. Andrea - Congratulations! You won my OWOH giveaway!!! Please email me at
    with your address so I can get my rose painting sent off to you.
    :D Marva

  10. Love the paper parcels, beautifully wrapped~~

  11. Hi Andrea
    Thank you so very, very much for dropping by my blog and leaving comments, that is so nice of you!!! Your blog and web site are just so lovely and as you probably know by looking I love everything thing french as well...So glad I found your blog..Will have to drop by and buy something when the Australian dollar gets a little stronger....Take care Cathy