18 February 2009

Color Inspiration

What inspires the color of your home?

Is it pictures from your favorite magazines...

An old family photo...

A lovely old slip...

A stack of wonderfully aged books...

A beautiful collection of transferware and ironstone...
Inspiration is all around us....What inspires the color of your home?


  1. i only wish i had been inspired by some of these things...i might be happier with my colors right now!!!

  2. Mother Earth. I like the pinks. I like the whites but I really like warm natural tones and textures.

  3. well... i am inspired by way too many things.... *sigh*

    SUCH beautiful photos to cheer up my morning.

    xo Heather

  4. My colors come from many different avenues...books, antique lace, vintage sepia prints, Swedish furniture. Colors and the things that speak to me are always evolving. Vibrant colors I once loved have changed to more subtle earth tones and neutrals. It seems I am headed back to where it all started in my younger days with colors I loved and used in my 20's and 30's.


  5. Oh, I love all your pictures of inspiration! Pictures like that inspire me!

  6. I like soft colours, especially whites and variations thereof. And I'm liking brown more and more. At our farmhouse, all the walls are white, but you will generally find lots of soft blues and greens, especially seafoam green and aqua - the colours of the sea and the sky are very calming and soothing I find. I really like all of your inspirational photos - just lovely.

  7. I confess I picked the colors of our rooms from the colors of a second hand area rug. So far, they are restful and fairly innocuous.


  8. Lovely pictures Andrea..
    The colors for your home insiration are the best(:)
    Have a great Wednesday (:) hugs,Patty

  9. I admit I am a magazine junkie. So alot of my color combinations come from the 100's I get a year. But I especially love the colors of the ocean and the sand. Whites, creams, blues and greens. Very peaceful colors.

  10. thanks for those beautiful photos...my inspiration comes from washed out, faded, floral fabrics that have nothing but the softest pastel colors left behind....

  11. Hmmm....great question, I'm all over the map on that one!! Pretty photos you shared.