04 February 2009

Blog Inspiration

Recently I was visiting some of my favorite blogs and I came across a couple that just completely inspired me.

Ok, so my first bit of inspiration came from Heather. She has the most amazing collection of vintage Valentine's Day candy boxes. So, with images of vintage candy boxes dancing in my head I headed out to Hobby Lobby and picked up a wood shaped heart for $1.99 and went to work.

And here's what I came up with...my own mini version of a vintage candy box. I just added some vintage wallpaper, velvet ribbon, old millinery, cheesecloth, a rhinestone pin and a piece of torn muslin to hang it from. Kinda cute, huh.

I can't tell you had much fun this little project was....I wanna make a hundred of them....well, maybe not a hundred...but definetly more.

My second spark of inspiration came from this Heather. She makes the most amazing things...and when I saw this...I just had to try it...or something like it. So, while at Hobby Lobby, I picked up this wooden Cross and got busy. I painted it up and distressed it a bit and added my pearls.

I'm really happy with how this turned out too. It looks so handmade and with those lovely shades of cream and gray it matches my home perfectly. Love it!

Thanks so much to these inspiring women for sharing their beautiful photos and ideas with us. Now, I'm off to be inspired again.



  1. your creations are lovely...i really love what you did with the heart box...stunning...the paper you used is really pretty...and i so adore that you used some cheesecloth for the embellishing:)

  2. I didn't see those wooden heart shaped boxes yet!! I need to get over there. YOurs turned out pretty.

  3. What a beautiful job you did Andrea. The valentine box is gorgeous and the cross with the pearls just beautiful.


  4. Hi Andrea,
    I love them both ~ especially the colors on the cross, so beautiful. I'll have to follow your links and get some instruction there and introduce myself. I love the rosary hanging from the cross as well... it's in the details ;)

  5. Oh, Andrea, your projects are beautiful! Both of them are gorgeous. And I love that you used different hues of pearls - stroke of genius there!

  6. Your works of art are fabulous and I love your site..I'll be going back there!Please count me in your drawing!

  7. Hello Andrea. That was a beautiful creation. I am not an artistic person at all. But love and am amazed by people who have that creative talent. I enjoy seeing Polly create what she does and seeing all the wonderful creations she gets from all her friends like you. I have no idea how you all come up with your ideas but they are wonderful. Even us husbands get some enjoyment from them too. -Mr Blessings

  8. Ohhh your projects turned out SO SO nice Andrea. I love the heart... just the right touches!
    Have a great weekend!!
    xoxo Heather

  9. oh my gosh... what a sweet comment from Mr. Blessings!!!!

  10. That's one of the things I love about blogging: meeting all these wonderful creative people out there in the Blogosphere.

    Congrats on two lovely projects!