05 January 2009

A Tour

A couple weeks ago, my friend Sue invited me on an outing to the beautiful Louis E. May Historical Museum.
The grand entrance.

A lovely sitting room.

A gorgeous bathroom.

Love the ceiling in the bathroom.

An old sewing basket.

Isn't this doll just gorgeous.

Beautiful stained glass windows.
Took this photo for the hubby....he loves trains.

A sweet and simple buffet in the dining room.
Hope you liked the tour!


  1. I'm wanting one of those bathrooms!! It was gorgeous!. I also love the sitting room. Great pictures Andrea.


  2. The bathroom is so beautiful, the walls are incredible, chandelier, and furnishings all make it a perfect room. I am sure photos don't nearly capture the beauty that they eye does when you are there in person.

    Blessings ~ Eileen and the Beautiful Starry Girl

  3. What an amazing home...can you imagine? Now that is a bathroom:-) Great photos.