16 January 2009

New This Week

Here's some of the new items available in my shop this week...

A set of french flower print tags...

Corset tags...

French text rabbit tags...

Vintage Oneida sugar and creamer set...
Vintage Homer Laughlin gravy boat and platter...

and another pair of french opera glasses.
And as with every friday, don't forget to visit all the sellers at the Friday Flea Market and Pink Friday.
Have a wonderful weekend ~Andrea


  1. Those dress forms are so darling!! I'm not surprised. :)

    Stop on over to my blog to enter a V-Day giveaway!

    Jenni B

  2. I agree with Jenni B, the corset tags are wonderful! Thank you for your visit to my blog~~I think yours is wonderful!

    Best Wishes,


  3. Just lovely, I like your blog, since I adore vintage. Of course you cannot tell from my blog!!