31 December 2008

Wishing You A...

Hoping the New Year brings you many blessings!

27 December 2008


I have been blessed...
By the most wonderful women...that without this wonderful blog community...I would not have had the pleasure of meeting.
The ever wonderful Polly sent me a beautiful package filled with the most yummy surprises. A gorgeous vintage paper corsage...love it!

Even more goodies from Polly...
And a beautiful devotional book...Thank you Polly!

My wonderful friend Erica sent me this beautiful pendant and earring set...does she know me or what! Thanks Erica!

Kris from Tres Belle sent me a lovely package too...I really am blessed! It was so perfect of Kris to send me this beautiful ornament...as this year I completely forgot to buy one...I usually buy one every year...isn't this one a beauty.

She sent me great tags, a beautiful monogramed mirror, a journal...the list goes on and on.

Kris also sent me a sweet 'lil bird candle and this wonderful book...French Country. I love decorating books...as many of you do to I'm sure...but this book is gorgeous! It's one I didn't have, and have so enjoyed admiring all the beautiful pictures. Oh...how I long to live in France. Thank you Kris!

Like I said at the begining...I have been blessed! Each one of you is a treasure to me....Thank you!

20 December 2008

Winter Is Here

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas.....
Blessings, Andrea

19 December 2008

What's New

Here are a few of the new items in the shop today...

A vintage rose cake plate...

Beautiful pair of vintage shams...

Cath Kidston pillow cover...

and a Rachel Ashwell duvet set from her Simly Shabby Chic line.

There are also a few new items in the Sale category...we're making room for some great stuff.

Happy Holidays...Andrea

15 December 2008


I was inspired to make some wintery decor for my Christmas table this year by a magazine article I read last year (I can't recall which one) that showed wonderful ways to recycle old sweaters.

I went to my local thrift store and bought a pink sweater for $1.00 and went to work.

I cut one of the cuffs off and used it to cover a plain small glass jar. Just insert a candle and achieve instant cozy charm. With the rest of the sleeve, I covered up a vase to display paper roses.

Then, with the other sleeve, I cut it into a narrow band and slipped a napkin inside...sweet and simple. I just added a fleur-de-lis pin (available at the shop soon) and that's it.

Here's what the sweater candleholder looks like lit up at night..pretty, huh.

Lastly, I wanted to show you these fabulous faux candles I bought at Target. The outside of the candles are made with real wax and the inside features an led light that flickers just like a real candle...love it!

They look so real, they even made them look like the wax was melting and dripping down the sides. Being I have a house with kids, cats and dogs...sometimes a real candle just isn't possible...so these are the perfect alternative.

Have a wonderful day...Andrea
P.S. The faux candles come plain...the paper numbers I added.

12 December 2008

Holiday Wrapping

I thought I'd share some ideas for gift wrapping with you today. I tried using items that are easily accessible and inexpensive...but that's not to say that your packages still can't look fabulous. First up...
Muslin Bag

This present was wrapped using a small muslin bag filled with shredded vintage book pages. It is further embellished with a vintage brooch, playing card and petit French Flags (available here). This would be perfect to hold jewelry, gift cards, etc...

Burlap Gift

This package was wrapped using a burlap sack (available here) with wonderful black lettering and further embellished with black ribbon, vintage millinery and a hand aged tag.

Nice Newspaper

Really this one's too simple...wrap you gift in newspaper add some pretty ribbon and an old music sheet rosette for you bow (available here) and there you have it!

A Jar

For this gift wrap you just need a jar...any jar...even a baby food jar will do...wrap it with a piece of burlap add some ribbon and vintage lace...a few vintage buttons...and there you have it. Just add some shredded vintage book pages inside to give your gift a little cushion.

Chic Paper Sack

Here's a great gift sack that's so simple. Just an ordinary paper bag can be transformed into a chic gift sack with the addition of some tulle, vintage millinery and an old playing card. Punch two holes at the top of the bag and weave your tulle through. Tie in a bow, add some vintage flowers and an old playing card for your tag...that's it!

No.5 Gift Box

This gift box was made using a white box that has been aged with distress ink and embellished with french text paper and a vintage book page that have been hand torn. Just add some black ribbon and a tag made from a scrap of burlap and...voila!
That's is for today...hopefully I helped inspire you to look around and see what everyday items you can use to turn into fabulous gift wrapping...with a vintage twist...of course.

10 December 2008

The Tree Farm

On Saturday we visited our local tree farm and this is the first ride you get to go on. The tractor picks you up at the barn and shuttles you to the next ride...

a ride on a hay wagon pulled by these gorgeous Clydesdales. The hay wagon drops you off in the middle of the tree farm were you get to wander around to look for that perfect tree.

The tree farm is around 300 acres, so needless to say,there's a lot of wandering. My little one just wanted a piggyback ride the whole time...he was frozen like a popsicle.

On the way out of the tree farm, you drive past these cuites....Santa's reindeer.

These last two pictures are of the snow that fell last night. It's just like we were sprinkled with a dusting of powdered sugar.

Those are my boys walking up our driveway to wait for the bus this morning. I felt so bad watching them go out in the cold (it was 0 degrees this morning). We've only lived in the midwest a couple years, we are originally from California, so you can imagine, even after a couple years, that the cold is something were still getting used to.

06 December 2008

And The Winner Is....

The randomly picked number is: 5
Congratulations Jenni B!

05 December 2008


Friday...how sweet it is!

This week I was busy making more music sheet rosettes and french flags.

And I also found some new (old) treasures for you too. A beautiful german rose pitcher...

vintage wood mouldings, straight from an old farmhouse...

I also have some beautiful new colors in our French Ribbon Roses...

And some absolutely gorgeous new earrings in the Bijouterie, like these lovely vintage style Antoinette earrings.

Just some last minute items...in case you have a few stockings to fill.

Have a wonderful Friday...Andrea
P.S. Tomorrow I'll announce the winner of my giveaway...you still have time to to enter...just leave a comment on this post.

03 December 2008

Speaking Of Giveaways...

Do these cupcakes look yummy or what...
but slowly put the fork down and step away...these are faux cupcakes. These gorgeuos creations are made by Jenni from Jenni B Originals. So, why am I showing you these goodies...well, Jenni's having a fabulous giveaway and your all invited. Jenni is giving away 3 of her handmade faux treats to 3 lucky winners...but there not just any faux treats...oh no...the treats she's been kind enough to giveaway are the same ones that Martha Stewart used in an episode on her show featuring none other than Jenni. To enter her giveaway, just leave a comment on this post...that's it!

And speaking of giveaways...I recently won my first blog giveaway...and what a fabulous one at that! This is a gorgeous handmade rag book made by the wonderfully talented Kris of Tres Belle. It's filled with beautiful pictures and tons of fabulous ribbons...Love it! Thanks Kris!
Don't forget to leave a comment on this post to be entered to win a vintage horse ribbon. I'll announce the winner on Friday. Good Luck!