31 October 2008

The 12 Days of Christmas

Come back on November 2nd to find out the specials we're running for Make Mine Pinks...
12 Days of Christmas SHOP HOP.

27 October 2008

On Our Way to the Pumpkin Patch...

On our way to the pumpkin patch we...
Went down a dirt road...

Passed a sweet cow...

Crossed a bridge...

Rode a wagon...

Visited with the natives...

Found our way through the corn maze...

And picked some pumpkins.
Here are the spooky results.

25 October 2008

Marie Antoinette Award...Yeah

Look what I received....
A beautiful Marie Antoinette award from Debbie at Cozy Cottage. I wanted to thank Debbie for the sweet honor and will add my blog list soon.
Thanks Debbie!

23 October 2008

Little Packets

This week I found some long lost goodies...although I only had to go as far as my closet to find them :o)

I found some sweet vintage wrapping papers that I'm sure I bought to make something...what...I don't know...and thought I would make some sweet lil' packets to share with you guys. You can find them here.

I also found my stash of vintage game pieces. So again, I thought I'd make a sweet lil' packet of these for you too. You can find those here.

Tomorrow being friday, it's time again for Make Mine Pinks...Pink Friday. This weeks theme is "Coming Up Roses". If your a fan of roses...and who isn't...click on the Pink Friday button in the sidebar to be taken away to rose heaven. Friday Flea Market is also tomorrow...just click on the Friday Flea Market button to be taken to a wonderful bloggers flea market.

Have a beautiful weekend...Andrea

22 October 2008

Fantastic Faux Bois

While visiting Martha's website today, which is a favorite of mine, I came across this gorgeous project to try. It's faux bois wrapping paper...LOVE it! I love the simplicity of it. Just imagine how beautiful these would look under a Christmas tree...in different shades of brown and soft satin or velvet ribbon. You could make sweet leaf shaped to and from tags or even add a beautiful pheasant feather to adorn these beauties...how elegant would that look. I think I've found this years Christmas theme....Nature's beauty.

21 October 2008

Fire in the Sky

A photo taken by me this morning...

and an article written by me soon after.

So what'ya think? Did you read my article above? How cute is that, huh? I found a great website that lets you write your own newspaper article that you can add to your blog or website. What a great idea!

Imagine how fun this would be for kids...their own words in a newspaper clipping.

Have a wonderful day...Andrea

P.S. Everything is fine in Nebraska...just thought I'd have a little fun :o)

20 October 2008

My Shadows

I have never been much of a cat person....until I moved to the country...and of course since we moved into a 1890's farmhouse in the country, it only seemed appropriate to get a farm cat. The first place I thought of when I decided to get a cat was the Humane Society....and what a wonderful decision that was.

This is my blue-eyed angel Molly. When we arrived at the Humane Society one morning, she was the only cat I chose to visit with and needless to say fell in love with her instantly. Every time I look at her, I can't imagine why anyone would have turned her in. She is my living shadow. Everywhere I go...so does Molly. She is such a lady and so sweet and gentle that you just can't help but love her. When I asked why she was turned in, they said they had no idea. She was dropped off in a box with no information about her i.e. name, age, illnesses. Upon finding out that she had basically been dumped there...I knew she had to come home with us. So, we adopted her on April 1 (which is now her offical birthday) and has now been with us for 3 years.

Now, this is Emily. The second cat we decided to save. When we saw Emily for the first time, she was a mess. She was only a kitten and was already off to a bad start. Her eyes were a mess with infection and she was completely flea infested. We brought her home , took her to the vet, washed her up (3 times...Whew! That was a job) and found a gorgeous baby girl under all those fleas. She too is my shadow...I actually step on her tail quite a bit cuz she's usually right underneath each step I take...and the poor thing doesn't make a sound...not even a meow or screech...cuz for some reason doesn't have the ability to make noise. She's our quite angel. But...as you can see from her pose here...she's a bit more unlady like than Molly. She is always plopping herself down and just spreads herself out...the girl has no shame :o)

Anyways, the point here is...save a life...adopt.

17 October 2008


I wanted to introduce you to the yummy website of my friend Roxie.

Roxie is the owner of Candy Lights by Jorabeel. It is a gorgeous site filled with beautiful silicone dipped bulbs in the yummiest shades ever.

She carries these lovely strand lights to use for the holidays...or any days for that matter...in beautiful sherbert colors with names like...Wedding Cake, Cotton Candy, Buttercream, Pistachio, Bubble Gum, Melonball, Icicle Dream and Lilac Lollipop....getting hungry yet. These are also available in 5 and 7 watt bulbs, perfect for chandilers and nightlights.

She also makes special edition bulbs for the holidays...like these yummy scented CandyCane ones. She infuses the white silicone with candycane scent and adds pink glitter to give the effect of real candycane pieces. When lit, they give off a light candycane scent. Can you say YUMMY!

These lights are perfect for the holidays...but, as you can see above...can be used year round for a beautiful whimsical touch.

So, run and take a peek at her website...I promise you won't be disappointed.

Photos courtesy of Candy Lights by Jorabeel's.

16 October 2008

Thursday's Stash

Thursday's stash includes...

A vintage 1950's prom/cocktail dress...
A sweet vase embellished with pink silk ribbon, music sheets and old millinery...

And a darling vintage chalkware statue that reminds me of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz with her basket of posies and sweet Toto.

As always, please don't forget to visit Make Mine Pink tomorrow for their Pink Friday with this weeks theme being "In The Hope Chest". Also, the wonderful sellers at Friday Flea Market will have loads for you to look at...don't wanna miss that! To visit these wonderful sellers, just click either the Pink Friday widget or the Friday Flea Market widget in the sidebar.

I hope everyone had a wondeful week and wish you all a beautiful weekend...Andrea

14 October 2008

09 October 2008

Thrusday Goods

Let's see what's new this week.....

We kinda have a frilly theme this week with tulle, millinery and velvet.

A gorgeous vintage blue hat with sweet velvet bows (love it!)....

A beautiful 1959 wedding topper with felt doves, tulle and millinery (love it!)...

A darling vintage wedding doll with it's original case (love it!)...

And a vintage Louis Sherry candy tin (we actullay have two of these available).

So, did you notice that I'm just lovin' all the goodies this week. I love old tulle and millinery and this weeks goodies are just loaded with them. Next, week we'll have some more tulle and satin in the way of a vintage 50's prom/cocktail dress. So stay tuned...

As always, please don't forget to visit the Friday Flea Market (just click the button in the side bar) for more wonderful goods.

Have a safe and happy weekend...Andrea

02 October 2008

New Shop Goods

Lots of goodies in the shop this week...like...

The yummiest fall scented soaps...

beautiful boxes covered with 1902 ledger paper and vintage millinery...

gorgeous vintage pure Irish linen napkins...

shabby wire basket...

and a beautiful barkcloth era purse/tote.

I also added some other items as well. Just take a peek in my shop to see what else is new.

Since tomorrow is Friday, just a reminder to please take a moment to visit the other wonderful sellers participating in Make Mine Pink's, Pink Friday with this weeks theme being "Office Chic". Tomorrow is also Friday Flea Market, just click on the button in the side bar to take you to even more wonderful sellers.

Have a safe and happy weekend....Andrea