25 September 2008

Shop Goods

Some of this weeks goods are....

A couple sets of vintage cabinet cards with doilies...

vintage french apothocary labels...

and a beautiful vintage crinoline.

And don't forget to visit our friends at Make Mine Pink for this weeks Pink Friday. This weeks theme is "A stitch in time".

While your at it, stop by Friday Flea Market to visit even more wonderful sellers! Just click the Friday Flea Market button in the sidebar and off you go!

Have a wonderful weekend!

19 September 2008

What's New...

This weeks goodies include...
Vintage rose oil painting...

Vintage German pitcher...

Vintage made in Japan leaves.

11 September 2008

Fall Fever

This weeks Pink Friday theme is Harvest Home...thus the autumn inspired goodies this week. I made the vase above using beautiful fall colored vintage millinery and silk ribbon.

Some sweet Halloween Plaques

and of course some gorgeous autumn colored French Ribbon Roses.

Please take a moment to check out the other wonderful sellers at Make Mine Pink for their take on "Harvest Home". Tomorrow is Friday Flea Market too...so click on the Friday Flea Market button in the sidebar to visit even more wonderful sellers!

08 September 2008

Foggy Farmland

This is what my view should be....

And this is what my view is this morning....this picture was taken in the same spot as the one above...looks kinda spooky, huh.

This week I'm getting ready to sell at a flea market...so I have loads to do. This flea market is one of the VERY few in Nebraska...and luckily it's a good one. Being from the West Coast, I'm used to having a plethora of flea markets, so it's hard to fathom only having one in Nebraska to go to (only twice a year...agghh). I'm sure there are a few more (I also like the Brownville Flea Market here in Nebrasa)...but I'm not sure they'd be worth the trip. Although, I did here that Kansas has some good one's....So, next year....Here I come Kansas :o) I also don't live too far from Walnut, Iowa which is a great small antique town. They have an annual Father's Day flea market that's suppose to be wonderful. I haven't had the chance to go yet...but you can bet next year...I'm there! The Walnut Flea Market was actually featured in Country Living magazine last year for being a great place to shop.

04 September 2008

Ok...Where did this week go

Again, I let this week get away from me. I tried to think back to see where this week went and...ummm...I can't seem to find it. lol. Let's hope this next week is a bit more productive. This week we have a few new things in the shop like....

Fall inspired French Ribbon Roses
Beautiful vintage pink sap bucket

Vintage french pharmacy labels

A Comptoir de Famille french apron

Well, that's it for this week.....Have a wonderful weekend!