30 May 2008

It's Friday!

We have some great new goodies this week for Friday Flea Market. Our Le Petit Spa Collection has a few new scents and products just added. We also have new items added under Le Brocante, like these fabulous vintage button jars with charms. You'll also find new items under Le Masion & Jardin, Bijouterie and The French Garden. Don't forget to visit our other wonderful sellers. You can find them by clicking on the pink polka dot box located in the sidebar.........Have Fun!........

28 May 2008

Prom Girls

I thought I'd share some pics of my Prom Girls with you today. I'm really not a fu-fu kinda girl, but I just LOVE vintage prom dresses. I don't know what it is...maybe...cuz I never got to go to my prom. Although I graduated in '89, you'd never catch me in one of those '80's big satin party dresses with huge puffy sleeves. lol! I'd much rather be enveloped in a sea of tulle.

26 May 2008

Lest We Forget

God Bless Our Fallen Soldiers

23 May 2008

Friday Flea Market

It's Friday again, WHOOHOO! Let's stop and take a moment to..........SHOP! Lot's of new things added to my shop today. We're carrying a couple new lines of greeting cards, one line of which is done by the very talented artist/designer Layla Renzi. Here's a sample of one of Layla Renzi's gorgeous cards available in my shop. We have wonderful new soaps, with more bath products to come soon and of course lots of new (vintage) goodies too! If you'd like to visit some of our other wonderful sellers, just click the pink polka-dot box in the sidebar.

19 May 2008

"Flee" Market

So, you ever wonder where the term "flea market" came from? I thought I knew, but this site has a story I hadn't heard before, check it out.

Here's a little taste of what the flea markets in Paris look like. I had the good fortune of visiting Europe a couple years ago, and I must say that Paris stole my heart. They have the most wonderful flea markets and farmers markets. They're are rows upon rows of gorgeous french antiques, you truly could lose yourself in all their beauty.

16 May 2008

Flea Market Friday

Ok ladies! Get set, ready, GO! The flea market is OPEN. New goodies just added today. Let's have some FUN!

12 May 2008

Freebie Sites

Check this site out for fabulous E-Cards. These E-Cards are made with vintage postcards and are absolutely FREE! The have all kinds of occasions like birthdays, holidays, themed, romance, regional (New York, Chicago, England, etc...) and did I mention they're vintage postcards. I did huh, just making sure your paying attention. Thanks to Polly for showing us this great site.

Polly also makes beautiful blog banners that are FREE too. Hers are great if your looking to snazzy up your blog and give it a great vintage feel. The fabulous keyhole banner above is one of her designs. Gorgeous, don't ya think!

I hope you all have some fun playing on these sites, I know I did.

06 May 2008

Farm Friends

I thought I'd introduce you to some extended members of our family. I've mentioned my farm family before and thought you'd enjoy seeing them in action.

Harley, Nico and Rico are our fainting goats. I love watching them play together (they like to rear up on their hind legs and butt heads) and when they run, because they are fainting goats, they run like they have wooden legs, it's sooo cute. We also have a bevy of feather friends to include chickens, ducks and Charlie our rooster. Our ducks Sammy, Scooter and Butterscotch are the newest members to our farm family. They were just introduced, about two weeks ago, to the rest of our gang, we wanted to wait until their "real" feathers came in before letting them loose.

These are just a few of the many reasons we LOVE the country.