30 April 2008

Paper Flowers

Ok, so I was looking for a new hobby (for at least the next week or so) and thought I would give paper flowers a try. I purchased some supplies and went to work. I think they turned out so cute! I was amazed to see how manipulating paper could give you such realistic results. This is a picture of an iris I made. Cute huh? I will next be tackling roses......results to follow.

23 April 2008

Beautiful Day

I've just come in from feeding all our farm animals, and it is absolutely GORGEOUS outside! The sun shinning, the smell of fresh cut grass, our ducks all quacking in sync and the rooster singing his morning song are some of my favorite things. Every morning here sounds like a small zoo, with all the animals calling out to us to feed them their breakfast. I LOVE country life!

18 April 2008

My First Blog

This being my first blog, I thought I'd keep it short and simple because I'm new to all this cyber stuff.

I have just recently started an online website to bring my love for vintage to all of you. I love all things french and will be offering such things as vintage french labels, vintage french ledgers, journals, textiles and many other treasures for you and your home. The cherub you see above is one of the many beautiful items I have available in my shop. So come take a peek into the world of Faded Plains where you'll find beautiful and unique time-worn objects to add instant charm and beauty to your home.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Warmest regards, Andrea