10 December 2008

The Tree Farm

On Saturday we visited our local tree farm and this is the first ride you get to go on. The tractor picks you up at the barn and shuttles you to the next ride...

a ride on a hay wagon pulled by these gorgeous Clydesdales. The hay wagon drops you off in the middle of the tree farm were you get to wander around to look for that perfect tree.

The tree farm is around 300 acres, so needless to say,there's a lot of wandering. My little one just wanted a piggyback ride the whole time...he was frozen like a popsicle.

On the way out of the tree farm, you drive past these cuites....Santa's reindeer.

These last two pictures are of the snow that fell last night. It's just like we were sprinkled with a dusting of powdered sugar.

Those are my boys walking up our driveway to wait for the bus this morning. I felt so bad watching them go out in the cold (it was 0 degrees this morning). We've only lived in the midwest a couple years, we are originally from California, so you can imagine, even after a couple years, that the cold is something were still getting used to.


  1. I love the pictures! Ah, my heart goes out to your boys having to walk in such very cold weather. Thanks for the pictures.


  2. Thanks for sharing! As a former midwestern girl now living in Florida your pictures brought back losts of memories of vistiting my grandparents farm in the winter!

    Also, I recieved the cat wedding necklace from you and LOVE it! The packaging and little treasures you included are wonderful!

    Best wishes,