21 November 2008

Silver Bella - Part Duex

Here are the last photos I have of Silver Bella. I wished I could've taken a ton more, but there were SO many people at all the booths, I was lucky I was able to take these few.

Don't ya just love all the silver in this picture...I'm a sucker for mercury glass and all things shiny and silver. This was a small vignette at Curious Sofas booth...LOVED it!

Here's a another photo from Curious Sofas booth. Just beautiful!

An old suitcase filled with goodies.

An old jewelry box filled with bits and bobs.

Here are some beautiful stockings made by the wonderful Cari Kraft.


The photos below are just a few of the new items added to the shop.

Vintage pink sewing drawers...

Handmade Christmas tags...

Cabinet card tags.

Altered crow tags.

That's it for today...but I'll be back in a couple days to post about another GIVEAWAY...so stay tuned.

Have a wonderful weekend, Andrea


  1. Andrea,

    I love the vintage drawers and the tags. Your pictures are really good and show just how beautiful the vendors booths at Silver Bella were. I especially love the second set of tags. You do great work!!!!


  2. OMG...I'm in love with those pink drawers!! I want them all!!