03 November 2008

A Paper Doll

My wonderful friend Kris recently sent me some beautiful prints that she made from a 1904 french Les Modes magazine. They were so pretty that I really didn't want to cut them up, but I remember seeing in one of the Somerset Life magazines that an artist made the cutest paper dolls...so I thought I'd give it a try.
And here she is....

I think it turned out pretty cute...being it's my first time. It was fun to try and figure out were to add the details so she would seem more 3D.
A bit of tulle, glitter and millinery was all she really needed.


  1. Ooh, fun paper doll! I love your creations. :)

    Jenni B

  2. I absolutely adore it!! Great post.
    Watch the comments flow!


  3. Thank you for lovely comment on my 'Marie Antoinette' Christmas shoe.Stampington Magazine asked me to submit one of my 'Marie' shoe's,charm and tag.I am so excited they are coming out with a new publication in the spring called 'Marie'.Keeping my fingers 'crossed'!
    xxoo Denise

  4. Like a real little person standing there! Cute!

  5. After your done in your storage room, you should cozy up with a warm drink and watch another great old movie :o) Oh too funny Andrea(:)
    yup I might do that or comeback and play on here.. LOL

    that paper doll is just so cool you should make some to sell..or do you ??
    Good luck driving if it snows today too~!!
    hugs ,Patty