14 November 2008

For The Love of Burlap

I finally had some time to get these great sacks in the shop. I absolutely love'em! I've been going around the house and re-covering chairs, wrapping presents, making stockings, dog beds...well... as you can see I've found lots of ways to use these.

These are authentic burlap coffee sacks that have a real french feel to them. If you love old french grain sacks, like me, then you'll love these too. Real french sacks can be quite expensive, and because of that, the one's I have, I have never had the heart to cut up to cover chairs...I just have them stacked on a cupboard.

But, these you'll love cutting up...I did.

So, one of the things I did with the sacks is wrap a sweet present.

I just added some ribbon, millinery and a glitter tag and...viola!

Then, I re-covered my dinning room chairs...love'em!

I am also in the process of making Christmas stockings with these too (photos to come in another post). These are also perfect to make porch pillows and dog beds and on and on and on. Did I already mention that I love these :o)

And tonight I'm off to the Silver Bella Marketplace Faire. I'm soooo looking forward to seeing all the beautiful booths and meeting all the wonderful women that I read about on blogs. This is my first time going to this event....but I'm sure it won't be my last.

Don't forget to leave a comment on the Giveaway Post, a couple posts down. I'll be announcing the winner tomorrow.


  1. Well, I can see now, that I am going to have to purchase some coffee burlap bags!! These would be great coverings for your gift tags. I made a few with hemp fabric and they turned out great.

    Love them!!

  2. I know you are having a blast out there!
    Love, love what you did with burlap!

  3. Wow, would never think to use them like that. I love the old sacks, esp the printing on them.

  4. I have a serious infatuation with burlap, and I understand the need to use it everywhere and every which way possible. So loving it on those chairs in fact.


  5. Girl, I absolutely love what you did with the chairs! And loved your Silver Bella photos. What fun!

  6. Hi!,
    Love how you packaged your burlap! and the seat covers are so sofisticated! to use an old saying "tres chic"! :)

  7. WOW, you have such a fabulous blog and I love the romantic feel of your blog! I have just become a follower of your blog and would like to invite you over to mine, would be delighted if you could follow me too!