17 October 2008


I wanted to introduce you to the yummy website of my friend Roxie.

Roxie is the owner of Candy Lights by Jorabeel. It is a gorgeous site filled with beautiful silicone dipped bulbs in the yummiest shades ever.

She carries these lovely strand lights to use for the holidays...or any days for that matter...in beautiful sherbert colors with names like...Wedding Cake, Cotton Candy, Buttercream, Pistachio, Bubble Gum, Melonball, Icicle Dream and Lilac Lollipop....getting hungry yet. These are also available in 5 and 7 watt bulbs, perfect for chandilers and nightlights.

She also makes special edition bulbs for the holidays...like these yummy scented CandyCane ones. She infuses the white silicone with candycane scent and adds pink glitter to give the effect of real candycane pieces. When lit, they give off a light candycane scent. Can you say YUMMY!

These lights are perfect for the holidays...but, as you can see above...can be used year round for a beautiful whimsical touch.

So, run and take a peek at her website...I promise you won't be disappointed.

Photos courtesy of Candy Lights by Jorabeel's.


  1. I like the lights that you can use like x-mas lights above the mantel. Great colors. You are right to say yummy!!!


  2. Those lights remindme of the Marie Antoinette candy eating, champagne, game playing, shopping scene... FUN!