20 October 2008

My Shadows

I have never been much of a cat person....until I moved to the country...and of course since we moved into a 1890's farmhouse in the country, it only seemed appropriate to get a farm cat. The first place I thought of when I decided to get a cat was the Humane Society....and what a wonderful decision that was.

This is my blue-eyed angel Molly. When we arrived at the Humane Society one morning, she was the only cat I chose to visit with and needless to say fell in love with her instantly. Every time I look at her, I can't imagine why anyone would have turned her in. She is my living shadow. Everywhere I go...so does Molly. She is such a lady and so sweet and gentle that you just can't help but love her. When I asked why she was turned in, they said they had no idea. She was dropped off in a box with no information about her i.e. name, age, illnesses. Upon finding out that she had basically been dumped there...I knew she had to come home with us. So, we adopted her on April 1 (which is now her offical birthday) and has now been with us for 3 years.

Now, this is Emily. The second cat we decided to save. When we saw Emily for the first time, she was a mess. She was only a kitten and was already off to a bad start. Her eyes were a mess with infection and she was completely flea infested. We brought her home , took her to the vet, washed her up (3 times...Whew! That was a job) and found a gorgeous baby girl under all those fleas. She too is my shadow...I actually step on her tail quite a bit cuz she's usually right underneath each step I take...and the poor thing doesn't make a sound...not even a meow or screech...cuz for some reason doesn't have the ability to make noise. She's our quite angel. But...as you can see from her pose here...she's a bit more unlady like than Molly. She is always plopping herself down and just spreads herself out...the girl has no shame :o)

Anyways, the point here is...save a life...adopt.


  1. Andrea,

    You made my day!! I laughed so hard when you were talking about Emily having "no shame"!! Her position on your sofa, is symbolic of her really feeling secure in your home. Normally cats, and dogs only do that when they feel safe. And Molly, she is a beautiful Seal Point Siamese. I had a Blue Point that was a male years ago. They are one master cats. Love your post!!! So funny.


  2. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog so I could return the visit! Love your site and we have farm houses, and animals in common! It's amazing how we become addicted to our pets! I'm off to visit more of your site and plan to return.

  3. Ohh! Thank you for sharing your story with us! My husband and I adopted our kitty, Butty, from the Humane Society as well and love him to pieces! I had to cry to convince my husband to let me get a cat, but now he loves him as much as I do!

    Jenni B

  4. Bless you for posting about adopting a pet! It is saving a life and I find the animals I've rescued turn out to be the most loving wonderful pets and they've blessed my life so much. Tu-de-lu, Laura http://www.allaboutpretty.typepad.com/

  5. I daily mourn three lovely cats. One who protected his humans, one who would hold hands with me in bed, and one who was a healing cat and would try to heal any hurts you had. Angels among us.