16 August 2008

Country Dots

See those little dots in the countryside....those are our goats. They have finally had the guts to go into their new fenced pasture. Your probably wondering...why in the world would goats be scared to go into a new pasture...well, that's because these are fainting goats. Fainting goats tend to be a bit more timid then other goats, but once they know you, they run to greet you.

That white fluff is our white german shepard, Sophie. She just loves to "try" to coral our goats into their pen, but instead the goats playfully gallop trying to play a game of tag.

This is a picture of Nico. He is the smallest of the trio...but don't let his size fool you...he's the first one to push his head into the feed tub. In case your not sure why these are called fainting goats, click here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_3Utmj4RPU to check them out in action.


  1. Honest to goodness, I have never heard of fainting goats? My hubby and I watched the video and thought it was so funny! How cute is that? And a white german shepard. I've never seen one that is white. My Aunt had a german shepard but he was the black/brown variety. I can see why you would love all of your animals.


  2. Such cute goats & doggy..
    Love coming to see you at your pretty site..always something fun and interesting to see..Blogging is a good thing~~
    Hope you are having a great weekend (:)) Hugs, Patty

  3. OH how sweet!
    fainting goats????
    never thought of a goat as being timid.