05 August 2008

Blogger Buddy

I wanted to share with you the most wonderful surprise I received in the mailbox last week.
This.....Isn't it the sweetest thing you ever saw. It's a gorgeous french inspired rag book made by the lovely Kris of Tres Belle. I saw it on her blog and thought it was just beautiful....and a few days later....here it was. What a wonderful and unexpected surprise! It is made of a deep purple velvet...
and is embellished with lace, rhinestones, gorgeous prints, glitter, buttons, crepe paper....
and loads of flowing ribbon and charms. Absolutely stunning!
Thank you so much Kris, for being so sweet and thoughtful. I'm so glad to have met you through your blog...Mon Ami.


  1. WOW!! what a gorgeous book... and what a beautiful friend to send it to you as s gift. just lovely. xo Heather

  2. Andrea,

    You do not need to thank me. I know you will cherish the book and I loved giving it to you. Besides, I'm enjoying "life on the farm" through you. I love hearing about the chickens, goats etc.. and your shop and boys. I grew up in the country and while we didn't live on a farm we had a huge garden, a horse, a pony and plenty of room to run around in.



  3. I absolutely adore your rag book....now that is something else I have to put on my "to-do" list....thanks for showing us. Kris did a beautiful job creating it for you.

    Pink hugs,

  4. Your banner is just beautiful ,
    so glad you came by *(:) hugs Patty