16 July 2008

Victorian Vavoom

A few weeks ago, I received my purchase that I made at Polly's, and just love it! You know, all those black and brown leather wallets just weren't me. I needed something with a little pizaaz, and boy did I get it.
Don't ya just love this fab wallet! So yummy with all it's patchwork of fabrics and ribbons...and we can't forget the beautiful cameo pin. She's got a couple more available, and you can check them out here.


  1. Hi Andrea,

    Glad you liked the french rag book.
    I thought I would make a ballet book and got sidetracked and instead made one about french lingerie. So now I will make the ballet book. I am like you as for as sewing goes. I can do the very basics nothing elaborate though. My mother was a wonderful seamstress. Wish I had inherited her expertise in sewing. But I am trying new things and hopefully I WILL get better. Notice how I emphasize the will. Ha.


  2. Andrea...your wallet/clutch is absolutely gorgeous...now I am headed over to Polly's to see if she has more....I NEED one of those!!! :)