11 July 2008

Shop Goodies

Being it's Friday, I have new goodies in stock!
Let's start with these gorgeous roses. I just love these! These are each handmade with ribbon imported from France then hand dyed to give them an vintage look. What'ya think?
Next, is a beautiful set of tags featuring a portrait of Marie Antoinette. They are embellished with soft translucent glitter and cream and pink ribbon.
Lastly, we have these beautiful rusty keys. They come in sets of 3 and are embellished with a tag and beautiful ribbon.

Of course, there are many other new items listed like: a set of pastel linen napkins, pillow covers, vintage pansy glassware, etc.... I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Hi---where may i find your tags? I'm sure it's me and my lack of sleep but couldn't find them. I'd love to get some as a finishing touch for a client's gift! Thanks!
    Contact: Kathy (vintageweave@aol.com

  2. I LOVE the Vintage Keys Andrea!! Great Price - I am going to need some of those with the Nests you are holding for me :) The Roses are absolutely gorgeous! Everything looks beautiful dear!
    xoxo Sher

  3. Andrea,

    As you already know, I purchased the roses and keys. I'm looking forward to receiving them. I hope you are doing okay and have a great weekend.